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Top 5 Architectural News Sites in the US

Architectural news sites are a wonderful means of keeping up with the current events in the industry. Apart from that these news sites which focus on architecture also let us know of the recent projects taking place, events and all about who’s who. They also speak of the new trend in design and sustainability.

Although the internet has a large array of news sites to choose from, only a few can be qualified as the best. From being on top of the current events to interesting newsletters on trends and projects, they have to have them all.
  1. Dezeen
In the architecture and design industry, Dezeen is the most influential publication. The magazine aims to bring their readers the best news and projects from professionals of the industry. They do so by carefully selecting and compiling trust-worthy news.

In November of 2006, Dezeen was a humble blog written by Marcus Fairs, an architecture and design journalist. Rupinder Bhogal later came into the picture in 2007. Fairs and Bhogal together launched Dezeen Limited.

The news site welcomes a whopping 3 million visitors per month. It also hosts the annual Dezeen Awards that celebrates brilliants architects and their projects.
  1. EasyInterio
This news site is a one-stop solution to all your architectural needs. EasyInterio constantly stays on top of the happenings of the architecture industry. Along with the news, it provides information on the latest trends and projects from the most prestigious firms and independent architects.

EasyInterio deals with Architecture, Interior Décor and Design, Real Estate and all related industries. They also provide titillating information to interest and inspire young minds.

The news site ensures to out forward carefully curated news and information regarding architecture spaces and more of the same.
  1. designboom
This news site is the first digital publication based on the architecture and design industry. Its release took place in 1999 and currently has offices in New York, Beijing and Milan.

Over 3.5 million readers visit this news site and designboom now has 450,000 subscribers to their e-newsletter. The news site aims to publish the current events while covering the architecture, design, and technology and art industry.

Apart from the conventional news, designboom also covers interviews from experts, new products and projects, exhibitions and historical surveys. It also brings together young architects and design professionals via their social media platforms.
  1. ArchDaily
ArchDaily has the unique advantage of being run by architects turned journalists who ensure the inside scoop to their news site readers. The founders of this news site consider themselves a site of inspiration of knowledge. They act as brilliant tools to those who imagine and design.
Initially, ArchDaily was a place for professionals to get the details one the latest trends, projects and products. Today, the news site has 13.6 million readers every month, amateurs to experts from over 230 countries and regions around the world.
  1. Archinect
Archinect is a mostly online publication and news site that aims to connect the professionals of the architecture industry to one another. The news site also wishes to make the industry have a more open mind in order to consider new ideas from all disciplines.

The development of this news site, by Paul Petrunia, was in the year 1997. Archinect now acts as the go-to destination for young students with an interest in architecture and design as well as for educators and fans.

Final Words

Architecture news sites are a wonderful means of catching up with the on-goings of the architecture and design industry. Hence, here is a list of the top architectural news sites for your perusal.