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Nike Air jordan Grade School

This turned out longer than I thought, but there's some serious food for thought in here, which can lead to greater self knowledge, if you'll step above the standard reaction to argue, of course:

Your mindset comes from placing too much value on what is real vs what is fake. The end product is either close (unless you're copping shoes from people who make garbage) or the exact same. There are actually replicas of higher quality than the real thing. If the fake is on par or even better than the real, while being cheaper replica, then where would the guilt draw from?

you're walking around putting up a front acting like you can afford those shoes when in reality you can't.

What's your point in saying this? Does wearing fake shoes and not being able to afford them really mean something? This is a common view held in society, but if you really dig deep into it, it bottoms out at simply being a group-belief held by the desire to belong to a group. It's ultimately a mirage of society; something that isn't actually real. When looking at it that way, it's quite funny how the view backing real items turns out to be fake itself.

I don't need to ask?? why people would wear fakes bc I already know the answer.

You don't, clearly demonstrated by your lack of understanding of why you think something that is real could be better than something that is fake. At the end of the day they are both real. There are replica items that are on par with real items, as stated earlier.

Even if no one can tell, deep down inside I wouldn't help but feel fake myself.

Nobody can tell, nobody would tell, even if they inspected it themselves. Even you can't tell! Give them to a friend and he won't be able to tell, and he'll rock them happily ever after.

Objectively, the experience is the exact same as the fake Nike Air jordan Grade School, except that the average person pays a premium to feel better about something that really doesn't matter.

This actually goes to the root of brands, advertisement and why companies spend billions to learn how to manipulate people like you who (potentially, of course) has been influenced by Basketball, fashion, and the general culture surrounding the shoes. There's a lot of influences in there to unpack, but it all ends in you being programmed to feel (going past purely logic, now they're dealing with your emotions) good about rocking real shoes, and bad about the thought of wearing fakes. The moment you're emotionally influenced and aren't aware of it, they've already won. Even if you never buy Jordans, you'll influence others ever so slightly.

In other words, companies don't play. Have you ever heard the McDonald's jingle I'm lovin' it? If you heard the jingle followed by the phrase in your head, that's a clear example.

If you or anyone reading this feels spooked, no, this isn't dumb twitter hotepian or woke talk, it's the reality of what companies do to influence customers.

Would you really spend tens, hundreds or even thousands more on a retail item simply to sate your ego's desire to feel superior? Really think about that. If you would, I recommend mentally tracing back to why you would. Eventually you'll see it comes from an ideal that people or companies in the world put into you, not what is really real.

What's real is that whether a shoe is fake or real doesn't matter. If the quality of both are near-impossible to distinguish, then objectively they are the same exact shoe.

It's all silly desires to feel like one belongs to society at the end of the day. These items we call real or fake both exist independently of any view we hold of them. It's only our own perception of it that colors what the item is or isn't.

Even your comment of accusing someone consciously wearing fakes to be a fake person is a defensive move to make yourself feel better about yourself, rooted in the desire to feel like you belong. If you have trouble perceiving this within yourself, then you REALLY don't already know the answer.

Every thought, action, and belief takes root somewhere, and this law applies equally to fake vs real shoes.

I recommend pondering on what I've said above for a month, minimum, because this all deals with rooted beliefs that are at the center of who you perceive yourself to be, and this is stuff that most people go their whole lives not considering.