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Moringa and the COVID-19 virus

Can Moringa help protect you in the Coronavirus COVID-19? Great question! Unfortunately, only first studies of Moringa's antiviral capacity have been ran. There's still much to understand and to date, no study has been conducted on using Moringa to get a Coronavirus.

In the Philippines, the Secretary of the Department of Health, Francisco Duque, has recently been on the information to share ways people can help protect themselves in the Coronavirus.

He advised people to"Drink a good deal of fruit juices full of Vitamin C, eat. . Put Malunggay (the Phillipino name for Moringa) on your soup or other foods "

News agencies within the Philippines are pushing this advice out, reminding people of the importance of a healthy diet and building up a healthy immune system, particularly now!

Philippine news agencies also took the time to discuss Moringa in detail, including the following.

"Malunggay, popularly known as Moringa oleifera, is dubbed as a miracle vegetable along with nature's medicine cupboard. The World Health Organization also believes it as a low-cost health enhancer."

Start at 2:20 to hear the Secretary of Health, Francisco Duque, give guidance on using Moringa.

How do Moringa help support a healthy immune system?

It's packed full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories.

This extremely nutrient-dense food can help make sure your body gets what it needs to function properly.

Taking Moringa daily for the last five years has made a day and night difference in my ability to fight off sickness! Particularly when I have been sleep-deprived and worried. In reality, this is the very reason I take Moringa daily.

With 6 kids under 10 years old, I am no stranger to stress and lack of sleep. I want all the help I could get! I have found Moringa has given me this aid.