edifications: it's designed to improve you in some way, whether morally, educationally, or spiritually.

Indian Vedic School: A Center for holistic learning

Indian Vedic School, an online education platform, is the first of its kind institution offering a wide range of courses delving in the age-old Indian Vedic sciences. A platform carefully built for individuals seeking the wisdom of our forefathers and better understanding the famous historic writings. The Indian Vedic School is a global venture that merges the latest in technology with the best of ancient teaching methodologies to offer holistic education for people of all ages.

Their curriculum includes a plethora of subjects that were discovered and practiced during the Vedic period, also known as the Bronze age of India. Courses are developed and taught by certified professionals who have mastered these subjects through years of learning, they are available on their website in the form of interactive video tutorials, study material, and other formats.

Here is a list of what they offer:

Vedas -  The 4 Vedas; Rigveda, Atharvaveda, Samaveda and Yajurveda, are some of the most intricate sources of knowledge created by early scholars that, over the years, have contributed greatly to numerous subjects of human importance. Some of the knowledge which was adapted went into various fields such as Archery, Architecture, Music and Sacred Dance, Medicine, Vedic Mathematics, Meditation, Philosophy and Spiritual Knowledge. Today, Indian Vedic School revisits these teachings by offering dedicated courses on each of the Vedas taught by renowned scholars.

Dasavataras - It is believed that Lord Vishnu has taken several avatars or incarnations and descended on to Earth to protect and re-establish Dharma. But 10 of His incarnations are very popular and are known as Dasavarataram. The list of Dasavataras varies across sects and regions and has been compiled into a unique subject at IVS.

Upanishads - Upanishads are ancient ideologies of Hinduism that have been adopted across the world into various spiritual ideologies, the 10 Upanishads that have been documented provide a foundation for spiritual growth in an individual’s journey.

Tantras, Yantras and Mantras - Tantras, Yantras and Mantras are spiritual skills that are offered as teaching sessions at Indian Vedic School. Mantras, the rhythm and sound of chanting’s, move energy throughout the body to provide therapeutic relief, they are known to increase immune function and lower blood pressure. All sorts of activities such as meditation, prayer, worship is considered as Tantra skills, Whereas Yantras (symbols) help people make their thoughts strong & powerful.

Chakras - IVS offers the theory of chakras as part of their curriculum. Chakras work as conductors of energy through the body and each one has a unique frequency. When all seven primary chakras are balanced (i.e. open and spinning), energy flows freely through the body and helps us to function on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Yoga - The benefits of yoga provide both instant gratification and lasting transformation in the body, mind and soul. Yoga can change your physical and mental capacity holistically healing and preparing the mind and body for long-term health. The Yoga course at IndianVedicschool is taught by experienced and popular yogic practitioners.

Mudras - The position of our hands can influence the energy of our physical, emotional and spiritual body. Mudras help to link the brain to the body, soothe pain, stimulate endorphins, change the mood and increase our vitality. It has been proved that regular practice of mudras not only contributes to one’s overall good health but can be used as a preventive measure as well. Each mudra has a specific effect on the practitioner.

Slokas - Research into the effects of chanting slokas has discovered several benefits including the effect of raising the level of vibration of the individual practicing the chant. This makes the practitioner gain peace, feel calm and become more centered, which in turn allows the person to channelize the positive energy in a variety of ways in daily life. Video sessions teaching the practice of Sloka chanting are also available.

Music Therapy - Music Therapy is an evidence-based, clinical use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals by a professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. It has been proven to induce a therapeutic relationship between body and sound providing relief from various clinical ailments like Depression, Autism, Dementia, Stress, Infant development, Cancer, Immunity and much more.

Founded and promoted by Mr S Vikram Raju, he has been curating and adding new courses to the website frequently. Indian Vedic School aims to spread awareness about the many offerings of Vedic sciences that can benefit individual lives and the society as a whole through introspection, spirituality, material development, body detoxification and lifestyle modifications, as it has in the past, in our attempts to reach our higher potential.

These courses can be found on their website www.indianvedicschool.com