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Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

Data is the newest, most valuable currency of our age. A business will suffer hugely if it loses its critical data. Business strategies, ideas, management keys, weak and strong areas, planning, records, critical data. Businesses will rely on this data to make informed decisions. And in an era where individuals strive to maintain privacy and safeguard data, a business is compelled to be strategic and in the loop about so far as selecting a competent a security solution so that they can focus on their business goals with a free mind. When it comes online protection, companies will demand an elite online security provider and Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security is top of the bunch.  

Why Bitdefender GravityZone?

Bitdefender GravityZone is the real deal when it comes to the online security for businesses. It's consistent superior protection with continuous assessment for vulnerability and management of risks makes it an essential choice for corporate entities globally. This superior protection is achieved with constant sophistication so that new threats can be dealt with both quickly and effectively. Currently, Bitdefender GravityZone is available in a number of business cybersecurity solutions. The platform sports a number of interesting security features. The most prominent of which are listed below:  

Network Attack Defence

Network Attack Defence provides an advanced level of protection against attacks that try to infiltrate the vulnerability of your network. To enhance this protection, NAD comes into action before any breach occurs and intercepts network exploiting agents, brute force attempts, and password thieves well before they have any chance of compromising your network.  

Layered Protection

Bitdefender provides multi-layered protection to your servers as well as devices. These security layers include:   ✓ Machine Learning ✓ Heuristics ✓ Memory Protection ✓ Signatures ✓ Non-stop monitoring of continuous processes ✓ Disinfection ✓ Malware Blocking ✓ Rollback ✓ Quarantine  

Web-based Security

You don't need any hardware or dedicated server to enjoy GravityZone services, rather all security features are centralized into one console. Install GravityZone remotely on all your devices and let it do its magic; no IT staff required. Plus, each unit will update security patches automatically and the console will monitor security activities and keep your data safe. Bitdefender offers cloud hosting but you can also set up an on-premises security solution.  

Endpoint Risks Management

In order to run a highly efficient security program and keep organizational risk as low as possible, Bitdefender effectively goes through identifying, assessing, and remediating weaknesses at endpoints. Risks Management at endpoints is achieved by decreasing exposure to threats, discovering, and removing risky OS/software misconfiguration. Using this advanced interface, administrators can fix several vulnerability issues and stay secured.  

Upgraded AI & Machine Learning

Advancement in technology has also produced sophisticated threats. To deal with modern threats, modern AI and machine learning are required. Bitdefender has spent years in improving machine learning and AI which allows it to provide better detection and accurate performance.  

The Largest Cloud-based Security Network

Providing protection for over 500 million machines, the company boasts the largest cloud-based security network in the world. GPN (Global Protected Network) runs over 11 billion queries daily. The platform never lags in detecting threats with event correlation and machine learning.  

Application Behaviour Monitoring

The Process Inspector is continuously monitoring the ongoing processes for any malicious signs. The AVC, an exclusive technology that has been improved since 2008, is permanently active to keep devices shielded against upcoming threats.  

Considering Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security?

If you need elite-level online protection for your business then this is the type of solution you ought to be considering. Reasonably priced, consumers can choose the number of devices/servers they need and select a subscription for one, two, or three years. For more information visit here.