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7 Best Outboards Motors for Every type of Need

Outboard motors dominate the boating business today. Today's outboards are forceful, quiet, stable, and simple to maintain, with good power-to-weight ratios and remarkable corrosion resistance. If you own an outboard motor, you likely definitely know the brand and horsepower you like.

However, you might be interested in learning about other outstanding outboard motors if you acquire a second boat or wish to repower with the most up-to-date outboard technology. With this in mind, we examined three outboard categories—portables, medium, and large outboards—and selected models from key outboard companies that represent some of the most prominent and creative engineering and functionality in each class. If you are looking for outboard motor parts then you can buy from B&A Onderdelen at reasonable price. Here are some best outboards -

Portable Outboard Motors

Honda Marine BF5:

Flexibility, performance, and durability are the trademarks of the Honda Marine BF5 tiller-steer outboard type, which is suitable for small boats and dinghies. The BF5 has the biggest internal fuel tank in its class, at 0.4 gallons.

This single-cylinder outboard is extremely simple to start, due to a decompression mechanism that drains out cylinder pressure to decrease pulling effort.

Suzuki Marine DF9.9B:

This portable outboard motor is the only one in its class that features electronic fuel injection for quick starting, rapid acceleration, and smooth performance at all engine speeds. Even more amazing is the fact that the Suzuki DF9.9B's EFI technology does not need a battery.
The two-cylinder 327cc overhead-cam engine also has Suzuki's famous Low Burn Control System for exceptional fuel economy from low idle speeds all the way up to cruising speeds.

Outboard Motors of Medium Size:

Mercury Racing 60R:

The Mercury Racing 60R is the only outboard engine in its class offered in a 15-inch size, and it fits nicely on the front of flats skiffs and other compact high-performance boats.

This outboard engine has a high-thrust gearcase and is designed to provide a strong hole-shot for getting on line in shallow water.

Yamaha F70 Outboard Motor:

Yamaha's F70 outboard engine is ideal for family fishing and enjoyment. It is the lightest in class, only 253 pounds, and provides rapid starts, excellent performance, and efficiency for aluminium fishing boats, pontoons, and fiberglass boats. For optimum power and torque, a high gear ratio and broad throttle rating of 6,300 rpm.

Massive Outboard Motors

Honda Marine BF250:

The BF250 outboard engine is at the top of the Honda outboard range, including a unique design, a smooth progressive V-form style, increased corrosion resistance, easier maintenance, and an enlarged variety of rigging possibilities. In addition, the motor has digital line redundancy for further safety against connection failure.

Suzuki Marine DF350A:

Suzuki's flagship DF350A outboard was the first to use two contra-rotating propellers for the greater hole shot and acceleration in today's bigger and heavier boats. It also increases top-end speed and low-speed handling.

The Suzuki Precision Control system, which is driven by wire, provides silky smooth shifting and fast throttle response, as well as a slew of enhanced features for fishermen and boaters.

Mercury Racing 450R:

The hand-crafted 450R has redefined the outboard motor function. The 4.6-liter V-8 FourStroke powerhead, which is boosted by a unique supercharger, produces 450 peak horsepower—40 percent greater torque than the potent 400R. It weighs 689 pounds, which is 300 pounds less than another rival.

Mercury Racing's proprietary Advanced MidSection (AMS) utilizes heavy-duty stainless-steel support plates and reinforced engine mounts to stabilise the outboard and improve high-speed performance.