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New Concepts in Apartments

Residential architecture tends to adapt to the housing concepts of each era. In many neighborhoods in New York, including Crown Heights, a centric neighborhood in New York, many old buildings have been retrofitted to meet the needs of the contemporary life. This is the case with Ebbets Field Apartments, a housing complex which is home to 1300 families. A number of improvements have been done so far to this complex in order to provide a better quality of life to its residents.

According to experts from Ebbets Field Apartments, the concepts of “living well” are changing and redefining themselves.
Ebbets Field Apartments experts indicate that in many neighborhoods in New York, the buildings maintain the facade, but internally, each one is modernized in different way.

Most buildings in Crown Heights neighborhood have many amenities to offer to its residents. Ebbets Field Apartments offers many amenities, including playground, courtyard, laundry facilities, maintenance on-site, and controlled access.  
Ebbets Field Apartments experts share that there are some new concepts when it comes to making improvements to the buildings.

Gourmet kitchen

One of the most applied concepts in the modernization of apartments is the gourmet kitchen. The kitchen separated from the living room by a counter or table is a recurrent feature in contemporary projects. Housing experts from the company Ebbets Field Apartments indicate that many current projects integrate dining and living environments, in addition to the home office.

Home office

The pandemic arose the need to adapt the spaces of houses and apartments to create a home office. According to Ebbets Field Apartments experts, in today’s apartments it is common to find offices next to the living room.

As it is not possible to reserve a very large space for the home office in apartments, it is necessary to make adaptations so that all residents can carry out their activities without being disturbed. This is because many families with children had to create environments, so that children could take their classes online and could play without interfering in their parents' work. In this sense, sliding doors can be good options to separate the social area from the office.

Leisure and rest

Modern buildings have to offer to its residents amenities for leisure and rest, such as a swimming pool, playground or sports court. Ebbets Field Apartments has to offer amenities for leisure and rest such as playground and courtyard.

Open spaces

Now, more than ever, people have felt the need for an open space at home, where they can sunbathe and grow their own plants garden. Many of the units of Ebbets Field Apartments have balconies, providing a view to the Manhattan Skyline, Brooklyn Botanical Garden and Prospect Park.

Ebbets Field Apartments experts have noticed that in general, there is a need for expanding social spaces and reducing the service area. Also, people are searching apartments in more centric neighborhoods, with greater infrastructure for commerce and services.
What’s more, the internal space of the apartments seeks to prioritize coziness, comfort, modernity and functionality.

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