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Ebbets Field Apartments - Buying a Presale Home

What does a presale of an apartment means?

Buying a presale house consists of buying a real estate project that is still under construction, but is already for sale. That is, when you buy in presale you would buy a house that is not yet finished and ready to move into.
Many people opt for this purchase option, because although they must wait to move in, the prices of these homes can be up to 30% lower than those of a finished house. Here, real estate professionals from Ebbets Field Apartments, a housing complex located only few steps from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden share everything you need to know about presale homes.

Why are presale properties sold?

The reason why there is a presale real estate, is because the builders are waiting for the necessary resources to finance the construction, which is obtained from an initial payment and monthly payments from the buyer.

Real estate professionals form Ebbets Field Apartments, point out that construction can take 1 to 2 years depending on how much is advanced. This is why the presale companies are looking for people who are interested in buying a new home at a lower price and who are not in a hurry to move in at the same time.

Advantages of buying in presale

You pay less

Ebbets Field Apartments real estate professionals, who have over 3 decades of experience in the Apartment Building industry, indicate that, when buying a presale home, you would be paying between 10% and 30% less than the final cost of the house. The percentage will depend on the stage of construction in which the real estate project is when you make the purchase.

You can pay in installments

In the pre-sale of apartments, they can give you the ease of making monthly payments. In this way, your personal finances will be less affected. However, from Ebbets Field Apartments, which is a home to a diverse and friendly community,  warn that you should be aware that any delay in your payments will also delay the construction process.

You choose the project that you like the most

This is a great advantage when buying an apartment in presale, since not only will you have the privilege of choosing the real estate project that you like the most, but they also allow you to make some changes.
You are the first owner. It is important to highlight the fact that when you move in, you will be the first inhabitant of that apartment. Therefore you will have completely new facilities on a lower price than a finished new apartment.

You generate capital gain

In their articles on Reedsy, experts from Ebbets Field Apartments share the fact that, by having your house finished, its price will increase between 10% and 30% with respect to the initial price. In addition, presale houses generally belong to subdivisions or developments, so, once all real estate development ends, the equity in your home would increase even more.

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