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Fascinating Writing Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Varied Sentence Length

If you take a moment to review spectacular business pieces, one common theme you will notice is varied sentence length. Varying the amount of words per sentence reduces the choppiness and drives clarity by alloying readers to interpret your words more dynamically. Most well-trained essay writers clump together many sentences of similar size, which dramatically decreases an article's readability. Each paragraph should contain a similar usage of short and long sentences.

Depending on the purpose for your writing, it may also be helpful to deploy lists, and other forms of displaying information, especially for sales and marketing compositions. You may be asking yourself just where can I find an example of this tactic? Besides counting the number of words used in competitor's compositions, you will find an extraordinary usage of the tactic within fiction novels. In the context of storytelling, writers will naturally vary the length of their sentences to separate ideas and provide a break point between character dialogues. As made popular by marketers today, you may also look to employ storytelling by telling the story behind your team, product, or service!


An often-overlooked writing tactic is to condense sentences. Most sentences can be shortened or re-written to convey the same idea with less words. "Fluff" as most readers would call it, presents itself when writers are required to write a certain length or demonstrate their grammar and vocabulary. Readers appreciate concise writing because anything else seems to be a waste of time. The last thing you want to do while writing is to make readers feel like they are wasting their time!

This tactic is remarkably easy to employ and can be done after initial drafts are complete. Most writers opt to remain mindful of length, though you may also revisit the composition while proofreading to reduce unnecessary words. Try to remove any superfluous words as they offer little value to readers and reduce your credibility as a reader.

Value Orientation

Every time you begin to write something for your business, remind yourself of the value behind what your describing or trying to sell. This is especially important for businesses with intangible offerings like services or digital products, as customers will subconsciously build the case to purchase your offering. Tools like active voice can also help prospective customers lean towards buying.

Making articles value-centric also provides readers with an opportunity to learn, not just consume information. As a business owner when I write my article it should always be centered around value, that way I can clearly understand the benefit of pushing it out to my network and using resources to market it.


Many writers possess a diverse vocabulary; however, the best master grammar. Every writer's independent style is unique and should be cherished, though there is much to gain by paying attention to grammar. Known as the system and structure of language, grammar can also be used as a tool to convey complex ideas in simple, easy to digest concepts which naturally flow from one point to the next. Similar to our other fascinating writing tactics, paying close attention to grammar will become second nature with practice and can be leveraged in any scenario imaginable.

These four tactics are among the easiest for writers to quickly add to their toolset to improve composition quality. The most challenging aspect is to consciously use them while maintaining focus on the core purpose of your piece. Over time you will find each of these fascinating tactics will dramatically improve your business writing effectiveness and drive conversions across the board.