With the roundtable discussion in mind, create a digital humanities proposal for research or teaching in your DHRI@A-State Portfolio. Your proposal should address each of the following clusters of terms. If you are unsure about how you will engage with any of these terms, describe what you would need to do or learn to complete that portion of your proposal.
  1. Purpose, Scope, and Deliverables
  2. Resources, Methods, and Tools
  3. Audience and Stakeholders
  4. Collaboration, Contracts, and Credit
  5. Data Management and Sustainability

When you are done, click  this link to create a presentation based on your proposal in our shared slide deck. 

Your presentation should include one slide dedicated to each of the following: 1) your name, department, and project title; 2) your project abstract; 3) a brief discussion of the resources that you currently have; 3) a brief discussion of what you have learned at DHRI@A-State that will help you implement your project; 4) a brief discussion of additional support that you might need and ideas about how we can build that support as a community.

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