8 Tips to Organize Your Workspace for Productivity

Most of us accept that the condition of our living environment can affect our productivity. The reality is that it really does; working in a messy and cluttered environment will leave you feeling distracted and can generate negative energy that stops you working at full capacity. Some people might throw up excuses about having limited space, but there are many creative ways to keep your work space neat and organized and increase productivity. While you will most likely be doing your work on a computer, your workstation as a whole impacts your productivity.

There are many benefits to having an organized work space. For a start, it makes you feel more in control and shows you the areas that need your attention. Having an organized and clean working space gets rid of distractions, saves you time, and puts you on the path to productivity and success.

Organizing items to save space in your office helps you keep it tidy and prevents you from losing things in the clutter.

With all that said, here are 8 tips on organizing your office and staying productive as a freelancer.

            •           Purge the Office
Any good major change begins with a purge. De-clutter the office, empty, shred, and otherwise get rid of anything that is frivolous and doesn’t impact productivity positively. Focus your efforts on one area at a time. Find inspiration in magazines and websites like Pinterest that can show you the kind of work space that you want to have for yourself. Get rid of any unnecessary furniture, files, or items according to different categories. Purging your office like this helps you to analyze the items that you really need and those you really don’t. This is an important step you don’t want to pass over.

            •           Organize According to Colors and Labels
Your office should be organized according to a color system and with labels. Take some time to label your folders, shelves, drawers, and bins. Labelling things like this helps you put items in their proper place and reduces the risk of losing any important documents.

            •           Use Containers and Storage Boxes
Storage boxes can be real life savers for freelancers. You can use them for storing anything and staying organized. Cardboard boxes and plastic containers are the best ways to efficiently store things. Invest in some durable boxes for your home as well as your office space. By grouping and labelling office items you’ll know just where to put things and where to find them later on. Don’t forget that you can keep stationery and other office supplies in stationery boxes.

            •           Get a Desk Humidifier
A portable desk table humidifier is a surprisingly simple way to stay productive. These handy little devices work much like a regular humidifier in that they make it easier for you to breathe. Having clear lungs and a clear mind makes it easier for you to stay focused on the task at hand. This would offer a double benefit of using it at other locations such as your bedroom; the right level of humidity is important for good quality sleep.

            •           Segment the Office Into Work Zones
Having different work zones for different tasks can help when staying productive. Sometimes you will have to do different things in different spaces to have a better output. Consider segmenting off your work space into different zones, such as a place for your computer and a place to work off of your computer. You might want to work away from your computer so that you have less distractions. This includes where you sign papers, write on paper, scan documents, and spend a few minutes collecting your thoughts. Even if you’ve got just one desk, you can still find a way to better utilize your space to get the output that you want.

            •           Organize Desk Accessories
Keeping your desk organized is a great way to stay productive. Organize anything you can including your laptop, computer, files, stationery, and trays. This is where you’ll get a lot of use from plastic and storage organizers. There’s no need to get an expensive stationery tray to keep pens organized. Just beautify your storage boxes and take advantage of them.

            •           De-Clutter your Computer and Organize It
You might not realize it, but the content of your computer and electronic devices can also have an impact on productivity; both in work and life. Declutter your desktop and organize it by getting rid of unnecessary folders, pictures, and software. Keep work organized into different folders and consider using calendars and digital sticky notes as necessary to stay productive.

            •           Put up Inspirational Reminders
If you want to stay motivated and inspired to keep on working, then you need to have these motivating messages spread across your work space. Put up some inspirational wall art or messages that remind you of your ambitions and goals. It’s all too easy to get distracted and lose motivation when facing a ton of work that seems to never stop. However, you can stay motivated even if you lose the will to work. These inspirational highlights around the office could be done using DIY paper decorations and frames. Put up some images that remind you of what it is you’re working for.

One of the main benefits of working from home is all the freedom you get. One of the downsides is that sometimes you have a little too much freedom. You get distracted easily and have a hard time focusing. These simple tips can help you organize and use your workspace to stay motivated and get through the task at hand. There’s plenty of time for slacking off when the work is done!