What Is The Longest Video On YouTube?

YouTube incentivized this in more ways than one. Not merely are longer videos more valuable, but they’re well-liked by YouTube. The platform’s algorithm prefers content that keeps people engaged, encouraging them to spend even more time on the site. Company executives have tried to pivot to promoting responsible content, but the algorithm still favors longer content.

There are currently over 1.3 billion videos on YouTube, with 300 hours’ worth of videos being uploaded every minute. So, by enough time you finish looking over this article, around 30 hours’ worth of video will have been uploaded to everyone’s favorite video platform.

YouTube’s Video Time Limit
Back in 2010, YouTube gradually lifted its upload time period limit. From 10 minutes, selected users were allowed to have quarter-hour. Today, all users by default can upload videos up to quarter-hour long. To upload a video longer than 15 minutes, users would have to verify their Google account.

Today, the maximum upload size is 128GB or 12 hour-video, whichever is smaller. Which means that, based on YouTube’s Help Center, it is still possible to upload a file longer than Moldy Toaster Media’s current record-holding video.

YouTube’s Other Monetizing Guidelines
If you’re new to earning money on YouTube, take note that video length isn’t the only real criteria so you can get monetized for ads. You need to to meet these other guidelines:

You’ve successfully set up your AdSense account
You have at least 1,000 subscribers on your channel
You comply with the website’s policies and guidelines
Your videos have made at least 4,000 watch time hours over the past a year
Having the longest YouTube video on your channel, therefore, won’t help you if you’re not sticking with the guidelines.

When you first sign up with YouTube, your account will be limited by videos under quarter-hour, until the account has been “verified.” (To see how, read through to the end of the post.) Once “verified,” you can post any video that doesn’t exceed 20GB. Practically speaking, which means that hour-long keynote speeches and workout sessions from your gross annual conference are well attainable! If encoded properly, the videos will still look excellent even if not at the absolute finest quality resolution.

Longer videos have more room for ads, plus more ads mean an increase in income for creators. Breaking that 10-minute mark is very important: that’s the point at which YouTube commences letting makers insert ads into the middle with their videoperating-system, rather than simply running an ad at the start.

With billions of videos uploaded, of course, there are many milestones: the most liked, most disliked, most views, and even more. But how about the longest YouTube video? You might be surprised to learn what it is, and what it might do for advertisers looking to put advertisings on popular YouPipe videos.

You can watch the video below, but take note that it will take you (as the video name says) 596 hours to view without skipping or accelerating. That’s equivalent to just a little over 24 DAYS to watch the video from begin to finish.

We discovered that in the top ten most popular YouTube videos, the shortest was 42 seconds, and the longest was 9 minutes and 15 seconds. The common video length was 4 minutes and 20 seconds. ComScore reported that in January the duration of the average online content video was 4.4 minutes. Basically, it seems like short video still rules your day on YouTube, but that there exists a range of periods.

What does this mean is the better video length for you?

The best video length for your purposes
Here’s what we think about the best length for different videos on YouTube:

Favor short videos. If you can make it shorter and make all the same points, do it.
Make sure to start off energized, and receive the important stuff in. Your audience will commence to disappear over the space of your video. 

Think about breaking your longer videos up into digestible bits. Training in particular lends itself to this. Instead of making a single video that shows a long process, make a playlist that links components of the process for a coherent whole. That makes it easy to learn your process in digestible chunks suitable for current attention spans. A speech that is obviously delineated into sections with different subtopics will breakup well into smaller pieces, too. Side advantages to this break-up are an increased amount of video assets & most likely an increased variety of views for videos on your channel.

On the other hand, don’t ruin a great speech by breaking it up. If a speech has been designed as an individual continuous speech, keep it as is and allow the audience to relax and experience the full impact.