The Social Construction of Media: Social Media, Culture, and Everyday Life

Social Media Pushing People to Vote

Social media has been pushing candidates to vote all the way back to the 2008 election, when Twitter was just starting to become a thing. In this day and age, candidates need social media to even stand a chance to become president. The Huffington Post states “The ability to reach the millennial demographic is an important component to campaign efforts. And the reason why is simply because young adults are shifting more of their attention online to social networks “. The Republican Party is working on app to increase the numbers of young voters in the election, because young voters are more likely to sway republican. The app is post to encourage ordinary voters to help register their friends to vote to increase numbers at the poll.  Facebook for the 2016 election is starting to live stream all the presidential debates so viewers view all the debates without even turning on their TV.  Politicians will be setting a record 9% of their total media campaign budget to digital and social media, which comes out to over a billion dollars. This all relates to my first topic young voters in politics because the social media agencies of the electoral candidates at focusing to millennials.

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