California State University Japanese American Digitization Project: An Exhibit


Intake Photographs, 1943 (SJS)

Photographs of incarcerees Toshio Kuratomi and Mitsuho Kimura, presumably upon intake into the Tule Lake Center. An information card states that Kuratomi was admitted to Tule Lake from Jerome, Arkansas on September 30, 1943. The information card for Kimura is mostly covered by a photograph.

Loyalty Questionnaire, 1943 (CSUDH)

The loyalty questionnaire was distributed to male U.S. citizens of Japanese ancestry over the age of 17. Among other things, individuals were required to supply information regarding religion; memberships in organizations; knowledge of foreign languages; criminal court records; foreign investments; financial contributions; magazine and newspaper subscriptions; Japanese birth registration, and attempts at repatriation. In addition, registrants were asked whether they were willing to serve in the U.S. military and to swear allegiance to the United States. 

Segregation of Evacuees, 1944 (SJS)

This document describes the formation of the Tule Lake Segregation Camp to be the designated center for "disloyal" Japanese Americans and their families who were segregated between October and December, 1943. "Disloyal" incarcerees included those who requested repatriation to Japan, refused to pledge loyalty to the US, or were the targets of unfavorable intelligence reports. Residents at Tule Lake were denied leave requests.

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