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Critically Queer: A Collection of Queer Media Critiques and Character Analyses

Vol II

Nathian, Author

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Table of Contents

Contemporary Network Prime-Time TV
Legions' Lenny “Cornflakes” Busker
Belinda Mendoza
Discovering One’s Queer Identity: The Path Of Supergirl’s Alex Danvers
Valentina Mabika
Bi-Curious or Bi-Furious?: A Queer Media Critical Critique on MTV’s Scream
Joyvey Sung
Elementary, My Dear Watson: Undefined Masculinity and Sexuality Through Bromance in BBC’s Sherlock
Sergio Macedo
Perception of Metrosexual Men: Metrosexual Schmidt in New Girl
Tatiana Rizo
Representation of Homo-Masculinity and Gay Stereotypes in the Hip-Hop Industry in Fox’s Empire
Victoria Abbate
Arizona Robbins and Callie Torres: The dissection of one same-sex couple on Grey’s Anatomy
Anja Riedel
Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anatomy: The Impact of Callie Torres Discovering Her Sexuality
Annalise Ricciarudlli
The Anatomy of Same-Sex Relationships in Grey’s Anatomy: A Character Analysis of Dr. Callie Torres
Jenna Toppin
Dispelling Gay Stereotypes in Family Television: Modern Family’s Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett
Ariana Romio
Modern Family Critical Analysis
Veronica Valdez
Bisexuality in How to Get Away With Murder
Jenna Rogenski
How to Get Away with Being Gay on TV’s Hottest Murder Series: Gay Representation in HTGAWM
Kassandra Ferrante

Same-Sex Romantic & Sexual Depictions of Connor and Oliver in HTGAWM
Katherine Wilkes​
Syndicated & Off-Air TV
Analysis of Glee’s Kurt Hummel and Dave Karofsky
M. Carolina Martinez
Finding the Q in LGBTQ: Queering Friends’ Ross Geller
Elizabeth Bradford
Critical Media and Mad Men
Rachel Johnston
Gossip Girl’s Eric van der Woodsen
Fernando Solis
Patriarchal Femininity in Transgender Relationships in Sons of Anarchy
Chelsea Beyer
Lack of Bisexual Sexual Identity on TV: How I Met Your Mother’s Lily Aldrin
Nicole Turner
Streaming Series
Winter Is Coming: An LGBT Analysis Game Of Thrones
Austin Brown
Progressive Views of Gay Men but Toxic Stereotypes of Lesbians in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why
Katie Koach
Poussey and Soso in Orange Is the New Black
Jayda Patterson
Negotiating Sexual Identity and Curiosity in Online Streaming Entertainment: A Queer Critical Critique of SoSo in Netflick’s Orange is the New Black
Michelle Chapman
Premium Cable Series
Does fitting a masculinity guarantee you success? The Hypocrisy Within Californication
Jessica Rose McFadyen
Queer Representations in Shameless
Alexa Michael
Defying Stereotypes: Analyzing Shameless’ Mickey Milkovich
Lauren Goudie
Critical Analysis: Mickey and Ian from Shameless (U.S.)
Baylee Akins
Mickey and Ian: a “Shameless” Love?
Daisy Santana
Queer Narratives & Accurate Portrayals on Showtimes' Shameless
Sierra Skelly
Animated Series & Movies
LGBTQ Themes and Undertones in SpongeBob SquarePants​
David Ayala
The Girl Who Acts as the Boy Dressed in a Suit: Gender Ambiguity in Ouran High School Host Club
Karen Flores
Disney Deconstructed: Do Not Call Her a Princess a Critical Analysis of Disney’s Moana
Samantha Castro
Nana and Nana: A Queer Critical Critique
Sydney Sweeney
Breaking Social Boundaries: Transgender Representation in Todo Sobre Mi Madre
Lilly Glenister
No one imagined that he could do it. But, why would they?: A Queer Critical Media Critique of The Imitation Game
Zackary Albrecht
Reinforcement of Stereotypes of Lesbianism in the Film Chicago: A Critical Character Analysis of “Matron Mama Mortin”
Shelbi Buchholz
A Queer Critical Analysis of Patrick and Brad in The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Chandler Berke
Fried Green Tomatoes
Ashley Fenner
A Shot of Stereotypes with Tila Tequila
Sabrina Tungol
Representation and Consumption Through Social Media: Manny Gutierrez
Dania Mumtaz
Validating Masculinity through Media “No Tiene La Culpa” by Romeo Santos
Carla Rauseo-Gomez
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