SEO: Important to Speak the Language of Google

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SEO is the language with which we tell Google how to make our website or e-commerce appear among the results of a question to the search engine. Therefore, if we want to be on the first page of results, we must think about how important as the marketing strategy is the SEO strategy.

The SEO factors that must be taken into account when planning a strategy are of two types, the On-Page factors which are those over which you can have total control such as the title of the website, goals, structure, content , etc. and Off-Page factors that are the elements external to a website that directly influence positioning such as inbound links, content links, etc.
On Page optimization is focused on aspects such as the source code, the design or a correct semantic structure, also the responsive design, the information architecture, usability, etc. are taken into account. And of course the relevant content, without which everything we plan can be ruined.

On the other hand, including off-page aspects within the strategy is equally important, determining what the no-follow or do-follow links will be, will allow your website to have more or less authority and therefore will classify to a greater or lesser extent before the algorithms of Google.

However, the best advice we can give you is that you have a good team or professionals that support you so that the SEO of your website is the best. Of course, from TWS we can give you all the support and advice necessary to make your strategy a success.

How it benefits us

Did you know that depending on the time of day when searches are conducted, it can give you data about sales or your customers? That is the secret of the segmentation of the day.

Most of the time we study data on the behavior of weekly, monthly and even annual searches. But daily analysis can offer you contextual signals of a series of specific moments of consumers. If we add to this other data that we already have about them we can have a gold mine at our fingertips.

The next question would be pay attention to the different times of the day. Dividing the day into parts, that is, segmenting the day, can help us pay more attention to users in their micromoments and offer them more relevant content.

The hours at which major searches are conducted on different topics and queries may vary. Having a deeper knowledge of different types of intention in your category can help you learn interesting patterns throughout a usual day.

Let us take as an example the ICT news. There are more searches related to this topic close to noon, while searches on technological gadgets are done in the evening. This tells us what is the most receptive moment for consumers in the ICT sector to send information about our products.

As you can visit see web analytics which are much more complex than we imagine, the data it can offer us is very wide and if we are not prepared to know what to do with that data, it is a real mess. Professionals like look for every little detail that makes campaigns more effective and of course achieve the most important conversion goal. Tools such as segmentation of the day help us make those campaigns or strategies even more successful.

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