Martial Arts and Health Benefits

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The fascination for martial arts has been originated largely by the cinema, where the mythical fighters’ protagonists of action films, undoubtedly opened the way to all the culture that already existed around them, including judo gi training and dedication to master these arts, of which more than one has developed interest.

Widely martial arts teachers have always been seen as people with highly developed physical abilities, and related to good health and fitness, which not only leads us to assume the benefits of these practices, but currently numerous studies have proven They are an activity that can improve our physical and mental state.

Physical benefits

The practice of martial arts can bring us many benefits, both physical and mental, promoting a healthy balance. The following are the main physical benefits.

Stimulates muscle mass production: The impact exercise we undergo when we practice martial arts develops our muscular strength, which in turn also improves our metabolism, requiring more energy at rest. It increases our lung capacity, martial arts and its training can help us improve our lung and respiratory capacity, so that our body is more efficient in terms of oxygenation. It can be beneficial to control conditions such as asthma and other respiratory diseases as long as your doctor authorizes it.

Body weight control: It helps us take care of our body by promoting weight reduction by spending energy in the form of calories, since exercise is also partly cardiovascular. Strengthens our bones: Impact exercise helps us fix calcium in our bones, strengthening them and preventing possible future conditions such as osteoporosis.

It gives us health: Almost all of our body systems benefit from the practice of martial arts, from liver function to our joints, optimizing our body and improving our physical condition.

Reduces levels of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides: By improving the function of our liver and metabolism in general, we notice a reduction in blood glucose and lipid levels, which can even prevent the development of certain degenerative diseases.

Psychological benefits of martial arts

Martial arts also offer us psychological benefits, favoring calm and relaxation. Reduce stress: Just like any exercise, practicing some martial art helps us combat the effects of daily stress and prevents anxiety.

Promotes concentration: It allows us to have mental clarity by improving our concentration, in this way we are more prepared and alert to face the challenges and carry out daily activities. It improves our ability to react: By practicing martial arts our reflexes improve, being better able to respond to physical or mental stimuli, that is, it helps us to be more alert.

Aid to cognitive development: Learning the movements that are involved in martial arts favor the formation of new neuronal connections, thus preventing the development of degenerative diseases of brain function, such as Alzheimer's, even people with Parkinson's disease They can benefit from their practice.