Bud Trimming Machines in the Cannabis Industry

The legal cannabis industry is expected to yield sales of over $22 billion by 2020. Producers of cannabis buds rush to process their crop ready for sale during harvest time. A bud trimming machine helps harvesters to speed up the process.

Bud Trimmer Overview

A bud trimming machine is a mechanical device used in the legal cannabis industry that uses rotating blades, or screen, to remove excess leaves from harvested or dried untrimmed marijuana buds.
Bud trimming machines are used primarily to increase the processing time it takes to trim marijuana. Conversely, trimming by hand is a tedious job for growers during harvest, particularly when the raw yields are in the range of kilos or more.
Traditionally, a team of hand trimmers is hired to trim and manicure buds manually, however since the invention of bud trimming machines, a more efficient affordable option has shown up in the cannabis industry.
The quality of most bud trimmers equates to the quality of a standard rough trim. For most harvesters, excluding those who prefer to keep “sugar leaves”, an additional manicure of the marijuana buds will be performed by human hands following a run by the bud trimmer.

Advantages of using Bud Trimming Machines

The advantages of bud trimming machines in the cannabis industry are lowering costs, which in turn can create a higher ROI.
Hiring workers to trim buds by hand can be problematic in the industry. Not all states cover this issue in their medical cannabis program, and more importantly hiring work can create high overhead expenditure costs. Hence, investing in a bud trimming machine is a logical solution for high volume bud processors.

Extremely fast processing times can be performed on large batches of harvested marijuana using a bud trimming machine. What typically would take the average hand trimmer days to complete can be trimmed in just a few minutes with a high-grade bud trimming machine.
Furthermore, additional advantages in using bud trimming machines are the one time investments. Contrary to paying a worker for hours of performance, a bud trimmer is paid for upfront, and no further investment is required besides basic machine maintenance, which is quite affordably cheap.
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Types of Bud Trimming Machines

There exist a wide range of designs standard to the bud trimming machine.
Of all types, the lowest priced bud trimming machines by far are called bowl trimmer machines. Bowl trimmer machines are operated manually by cranking a handle. Equipped with razor sharp blades, the bowl trimmer machines snip off leaves of the marijuana buds that are put inside. Bowl trimmers are typically priced at $50-200 dollars.
The next tier up in affordable options are described as handheld bud trimmers. Handheld bud trimmers are electric devices similar to a power tool that operates with a blade to trim off leaves from buds. There are also designs of handheld bud trimmers that operate similar to a vacuum cleaner hose, with blades in side. Compared to manual trimming with scissors, handheld electric bud trimmer speed up the processing time up to 5x the normal speed. This decreased processing time allows harvesters to accomplish more with less workers.

The most expensive tier of bud trimmers are the type of specially designed professional bud trimming machines. These high quality machines run automatically, trimming large amounts of buds instantly with precision quality. However, purchasing a professional bud trimming machine is a pricey investment, often over $2000. Despite the high price, these machines are a crucial part of large scale cannabis industry grow operations.


Managing costs and investments is a crucial part of operating a legal cannabis facility. The cultivator may pay an upfront cost to purchase a bud trimming machine, in order to lower costs that occur later on during harvesting.