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Through the musical genres of hip-hop, jazz, and R&B, Hamilton the Musical takes a unique modern twist on the historical tale of the life of America's first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton. Simply put, this musical tells the obstacles Hamilton had to face as well as the triumphs he achieved throughout his life from the beginning of his journey when he traveled to the United States from the Caribbean, through his political career, and ending shortly after the end of his life. The characters include (but not completely limited to): Alexander Hamilton, Marquis de Lafyette, Hercules Mulligan, John Laurens, Aaron Burr, George Washington, The Schuyer Sisters, and King George. The retelling of this classic story came from Lin Manuel Miranda; he was reading a biography about Alexander Hamilton and was so inspired by the story that he thought to himself that this story must be a musical. And when he found out that no one had written a musical about this, he decided to created one himself. Once the dream became a reality and was featured on Broadway in New York, it was an absolute smash hit and took the country by storm. Although I have never seen the musical in person myself, I have listened to the soundtrack a countless number of times. Specifically, the song that really speaks to me is called "My Shot". It is a song about overcoming any and all obstacles that may come your way and not missing the opportunity to achieve your dreams and ambitions in life. This musical is inspiring given that it shows the passion, ambitious and drive of one man who wanted to achieve all that he could in his life as well as the complex and interwoven stories of everyone that is also featured in the musical that added to his life, for better or for worse. It is also inspiring for me as a young , hopeful, and ambitious 20 something to find aspects of Hamilton's life that I can connect with and inspire me to continue to have gumption and drive as I pursue my own life aspirations.

I found out about this story through the enthusiasm of my friends. A large number of my friends who love musicals had found the soundtrack on Spotify and urged me to listen to it. So, one day while I was working on math homework I decided to listen to the soundtrack. And from that day on, I have been in love with this story ever since. It appealed to me because of the energy, enthusiasm, and passion. I also loved how it showcased the complex ups and downs of life and the multiple layers of characters where you realize that everyone has a story to tell and that every perspective has meaning and importance. It still resonates with me to this day and I truly believe that it will resonate with me for the rest of my life. This story is broadly known and popular throughout the United States given that so many people, across so many generations, ethnicities and backgrounds, have found their own personal connections with this story like I have. And yes, I have shared it with others in the same way that my friends urged me to show it. But, I do take it a step further by listening to the soundtrack with them and singing/rapping along.

This story can inspire because it is the story of an underdog who rose up to achieve greatness with his personal drive, motivation, and innate passion. As a result, I believe that this story can inspire social change because Hamilton's life was all about social change and making a difference that led to creating and founding the nation that I call my home country. The themes that it touches upon are triumph, struggle/frustration, betrayal, deceit, love, loss, camaraderie, family, and self empowerment.

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