How to Start Hiking as a Hobby

Everyone that has tried it will agree that hiking is amazing. There are numerous reasons why you should take up hiking as a hobby. To begin with, it is an excellent way to unwind thanks to the beautiful natural views, fresh air, and exceptional tranquility. On the same note, it is a free and a remarkable way to work out. Those short walks, mountain climbs or treks are great for your body. Unlike hitting the gym or going to the movies, you can hit the trail alongside your favorite pet. Still, you can go hiking at any age. It is a perfect hobby for any child, woman or man as long as the terrain is appropriate. Likewise, hiking does not demand any special equipment, time, or money. A simple hiking backpack alongside a few supplies would be sufficient. Since you are familiar with how fantastic hiking is, let us now look at how to start hiking as a hobby:  

1.    Remember to pack the essentials

There are ten essentials that you have to carry whenever you hit the trail. The ten items will ensure your safety in the jungle in the event of anything. Nonetheless, you can go big or small on some items depending on the duration of your adventure or prevailing weather conditions. On top of the list are your navigation tools. People get lost in the jungle and you should know where you are headed. This makes a compass and maps your must-have gadgets. For sun protection you need sunscreen and sunglasses. Darkness might find you in the jungle hence you ought to have a headlamp or flashlight. During the cold season, you require extra clothing for insulation. Aside from that, you must have first aid supplies in case of an emergency. Another vital item is extra water for hydration purposes. Moving on, you will need to keep your energy levels high with a pack of extra food. Just in case a tent is broken or anything needs fixing then you need a repair kit. Still, you will need a lighter or match to light up a fire. Lastly, you ought to be equipped with some form of emergency shelter such as a tent. 

2.    Bring someone along

Hiking is a great way to create memories with a friend, family member or someone you love. As much as you can hike alone, it is advisable to have some company when going on a hiking trip. Nevertheless, bringing someone along is good for security purposes. Pets make a good company too.

3.    Ensure the weather is right

It is crucial to check the weather before leaving the safety of your house. By so doing, it will be easier to know the type of clothes to put on as well as the supplies to bring along.  You can always postpone the excursion if the weather forecast is awful. 

4.    Know your trail

It is imperative to familiarize yourself with any trail of choice prior to setting out into the jungle. The best way to do that is by getting a map of the area in addition to learning about the data and report on the weather, security as well as other conditions. Keep in mind that some terrains might not be so friendly to children or older folks. You should ensure that such aspects do not ruin your excursion. 

5.    Put on the right gear

After knowing your trail, it is crucial to put on the right gear. Most outdoor terrains are rugged hence you need proper footwear. You should have some light outdoor boots and synthetic socks. The last thing you need is to hike on sore feet. Blister dressings will come in handy too. Other than that, remember to prioritize comfort over everything else when it comes to your hiking gear. Cotton should be avoided at all costs as it dampens fast thus causing chafing. To top it off, you ought to carry extra clothing in cold weather and protective gear on a sunny day. 

6.    Carry light luggage

While packing up all the necessities keep your luggage as light as possible. You will be carrying it for a while thus it should not wear you down or trigger any discomfort. Opt for the lightest items and only carry the things that you really need.   

7.    Inform someone else of your plans

Hiking is all about having a good time although things can go south on a bad day. This is why you should inform someone else – preferably not on the hike – about your plans including your expected time of return. He or she can request for help if anything goes wrong or in case you fail to get back in time. If this is not possible, you can opt for a tracker or emergency device. It will allow you to ask for emergency assistance via satellite. 

Here are more answers to some faqs related to hiking as a hobby:

Can hiking be a hobby?

Hiking can definitely be a hobby. It is a fun and rejuvenating exercise that allows one to have a close and personal interaction with nature. 
Why is hiking the best hobby?

It is not only healthy as a form of exercise but it also helps one to relax. Additionally, hiking is affordable and can be conducted anywhere. Besides that, there are no age restrictions for hiking and neither is there any sophisticated equipment required for hiking. Most importantly, you do not need to be an expert to hike. 

Can you lose weight by hiking?

You can lose weight by hiking. It involves various activities such as mountain climbing, treks and walks all of which are done on different terrain. Engaging in such activities keeps the body active and works out your muscles. This enhances blood flow and promotes weight loss.  

Is hiking just walking?

Hiking involves more than simply walking; it is about making the most out of what Mother Nature has to offer. Some other activities that are synonymous with hiking include trekking, mountain climbing, zipping, swimming and camping. 

There is no doubt that hiking is a super exciting hobby. If you get the right gear, pack all necessities and take all safety precautions into account, your hiking experience will surely be flawless and very enjoyable. What are you still waiting for? Try hiking today and thank me later!