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How to Remove Negative Reviews from the Internet

It can be difficult to remove negative online reviews. Most reputable review sites that include Google have a dispute process that involves an investigation.

Consumers have the power to post feedback. It is the responsibility of a company to monitor and resolve customers' issues promptly regularly.

An organization can influence positive reviews by selling high-quality products and services. A company that is a victim of fake reviews or needs a refresh of reviews can depend on an online reputation management company like Massive Brand Online.

A strategy used to lessen the effect of the damage is to consistently monitor reviews. It can be a challenging responsibility if done without implementing the right strategy.

Here are several ways to remove negative reviews.

Respond Professionally and Immediately

Responding to online reviews should be taken seriously as social media feedback from customers. Small businesses and large organizations need to have a company policy on handling responses.
Here are a few techniques a company can follow:A recommendation of responding within hours of a response shares to the online world a business listen and cares.

Rebranding Negative Reviews

A fake review can be flagged or reported to a review site. If the business is the victim of a high volume of fake reviews, working with an online reputation management company is the first step to a solution. This company can use innovative technology to erase reviews used to slander to ruin a reputation.

Approaching this situation with help can increase the problem. As a result, a company can lose business and fail to gain interest from new customers.

Promote Positive Reviews

A marketing strategy is to encourage customers to leave an online review with a call to action (CTA). A bad review can be tuned out if several reviews follow it. The more positive reviews a customer sees at the top, the negative reviews can be less threatening. A list of creative ways to add a CTA is below:
A consumer that sees a company promoting an online review culture can appear transparent, honest, and trustworthy.


Personal or corporate rebranding can be an alternative option.


Organizations can’t control the content of an online review. According to a Harvard Business Review study, good and bad reviews can improve the status of one’s online reputation. Statistics from the study is below:

“By analyzing these responses, we found that when hotels start responding, they receive 12% more reviews and their rating increase, on average, by 0.12 stars. While these gains may seem modest, TripAdvisor rounds average ratings to the nearest half star: A hotel with a rating of 4.26 stars will be rounded up to a 4.5, while a hotel with 4.24 stars will be rounded down to a 4. Therefore, even small changes can have a significant impact on consumers’ perceptions.”

In our research, a company that responds professionally within a short period can satisfy unhappy customers. A business that is a victim of fake reviews can consult an online reputation management company for help. A strategy that encourages customers to leave feedback with a strategy to resolve issues immediately can help to improve rebranding efforts.