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How to Plan a Trip While Running on a Busy Schedule

Planning a trip can be quite the hassle and once you are in a hurry you might not be able to pay proper attention to every small detail. One thing that’s certain is that it’s important to be able to prioritize things based on their impact. Also knowing how to make the best use of any available resource to smoothen your experience can be very valuable. The quality of your trip doesn’t need to be sacrificed, if you are aware of things such as your budget limit and make proper use of what’s available to you. By doing this, you can stay out of potential trouble by always being one step ahead!

Be sure to always have a plan b!

As in everyday life, things on a trip can go wrong in a split second. Especially when you’re in a different country where internet connections might not always be available to you, having an alternative trip schedule at hand can be very valuable in case somethings gets disorganized.  This can be especially helpful if you are making use of busses, trains, metro’s etcetera.
An effective way to set up a plan b is to make sure that crossover points are available between your main form of transport and your backup one. This way if you miss a connection this won’t be of significant impact to you trip because you’ve already arranged alternatives along the way that can provide transportation to your next stop.

Make use of Flight Radar to track flights in real-time

Another powerful free recourse at your disposal is on which you can check the real-time status of any flight. This can be specifically helpful when you’re in a hurry and don’t want to miss a connection, but also if you must pick up friends or family at the airport and want to keep track of their whereabouts. For the flight radar to function you will need an internet connection. It’s also helpful to have some details of the flight you want to track at hand, for instance it’s flight number. When properly used, flight radar can be a very powerful tool that can substantially reduce any delays caused by having to wait for arriving flights.
Also tracking airplanes can be a lot of fun when not on holiday, so in any case we would recommend you give it a try.

Is delay insurance worthwhile?

The simple answer is yes, it is! Especially if your trip is a more complex one with multiple layover flights and thus more potential of failure. The little bit of extra cash you must spend on additional insurance can, in case of something going wrong or planes being delayed, certainly go a long way.
These kinds of measures aren’t necessary for every trip. As stated before, it works best to consider the risk the trip brings with it before deciding to go for additional insurance.  This is something experience travel agents can also help you with.