Tips To Choose The Best CBD Products Online

CBD companies are rapidly growing since people are shifting to this natural compound that treats numerous health issues. When you are buying for the first time you will be wondering how to choose the best product when you search online. This article helps you buy the safe CBD products online without wasting your money on unscrupulous products.

Third-party Test

These are the only measuring instrument to check the product quality. While buying online, check whether the company has third-party lab results for their CBD products. For a transparent company you can find it in their website itself. In some cases, the companies will be providing the lab results only after you purchase their products.

However, if it is not available then it could mean, either the product is contaminated or it doesn’t have the stated amount of CBD. You can also check with the company if in case they have forgotten to add the report to their website.

JustCBD Store is one such transparent company that provides third-party test results on their website. You can buy all types of CBD products like CBD oil, tincture, CBD gummies, beverages, aceite vape, topicals etc., You can ensure that you get the amount of CBD from what you consume.

Amount of THC

CBD is safe and is legal in many states. However, before buying you need to ensure whether it is legal to buy in your state. CBD derived from hemp crops do not contain more than 0.3% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) the mind altering substance in marijuana.
When you are buying a CBD product, check the label to ensure that it doesn’t have more than 0.3% THC.

Amount Of CBD

Choose the product that indicates how much of CBD you actually get from a single dose that is usually expressed in milligrams and it may vary depending on the different forms of CBD.

If it is not mentioned like this then you may not get the exact amount of CBD from that dose. Some also label their product as “cannabinoids” or “whole plant.” You should be very careful with this since, it may contain other chemical compounds apart from CBD and THC.

Vaping Products

Vaping pens are easy to carry and they produce only little smoke. Most of the vape oils contain a solvent called propylene glycol, which could degrade when heated in high temperatures and cause dangerous effects. If you are buying vaping oil, choose solvent-free oils.

How CBD Is Extracted?

Though there are different types of extraction methods out there, CO2 extraction is considered safe since it preserves the purity of CBD throughout the process.


CBD is available in three different types: Full-spectrum CBD, Broad-spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate. It is important to know about this before you choose your product. The difference lies in the extraction process.

Full-spectrum CBD is extracted from the hemp plant along with all other beneficial compounds including THC. Broad-spectrum CBD is also like the full-spectrum CBD but without THC. CBD Isolate is the pure form of CBD derived from the hemp plant and there won’t be any other cannabinoids.

Choose the type of CBD depending on your need and legality in your state.
With these guidelines now it will be easier for you to choose a genuine product.