Powerful Computer Storage at Your Fingertips

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It's hard for a business to compete in the current market without some good technology to back it up, whether you're a small local chain settling down its financial roots, or a branch of a gigantic corporation that continues to thrive in the heart of a metropolis. However big your projects get, it helps to have the right amount of memory and storage for the job. A super powered server such as the Dell NAS Server can boost your business in several different ways, and here are a few tips and answers you can use to make the right decision for your computing power.

Storage vs. Memory?

The two processor terms get mixed up for novice computers, but they actually stand for two different services that computers and servers can offer:

How Much Is 96TB Worth?

As mentioned before, 250GB can hold approximately thirty thousand photos, which is great for causal use but not necessarily for a working environment, considering how many pictures, documents, and digital artworks go into a marketing-based company in a single day. However, quadruple that GB amount to one full terabyte, multiply it a hundred-fold again, and you have enough space to store over eleven million photographs, billions of Word documents and e-mails, and thousands of films and videos, enough to handle years of ventures.
Supply your business with a never-ending supply of data and ease. Consider your options for computer servers, including the Dell NAS server, for your company today.