Dry Herb Vaporizer: Everything You Need To Know About Its Working

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With every passing day, the popularity of herb vaporizers is increasing amongst marijuana and weed users. After all, with the help of advance technology, vaporizers today deliver strong, tasty and healthy vapes. However, the good thing is it works on very simple principles, and there is nothing very complicated about the device.

If you are considering buying one, it is ideal to know about them a little in detail. Well, of course if you are buying from a reputed dealer like smoke shop, you will get all the necessary product details on their website itself. Then again, gaining some knowledge in advance is never harmful.

So, here are some fundamentals of dry herb vaporizers and how it works...

What exactly is a dry herb vaporizer?

The device is designed to heat and evaporate cannabinoids and the terpenes in cannabis without burning it completely. Also, it is used to vaporize many different types of plant matter like unprocessed flowers. All in all, it is the best alternative to conventional smoking.

Different parts of a Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Battery: It goes without saying that battery is an important part, since the device cannot work without one. Usually, 18350 or 18650 rechargeable batteries are used in most of the portable vapes. The charging time and battery duration varies from model to model. However, if we talk about desktop vaporizers, they don’t have removable batteries, but are instead plugged to a wall outlet.

The Herb Chamber: The herb chamber or the oven is the section where weed is vaporized. This chamber is usually made from materials like stainless steel or ceramic. Now, it is very important to keep this chamber clean in order for the vaporizer to work well. Some high end vaporizers come with a temperature setting option, and thus you can vaporize your weed at the temperature you feel is best. Usually, it takes about 60 to 90 seconds for the chamber to reach vaporization temperature.

The Mouthpiece: This particular part of a vaporizer come in variety of shapes and sizes, and is made from many different materials. However, usually longer mouthpieces made from glass are more desirable. The thing is, longer mouth pieces give enough time for the vape to cool down, and glass doesn’t alter the taste of herb in anyway. A good mouthpiece is important if you desire to have a good vaping experience.

How does a dry herb vaporizer work?

There are three different types of vaporizers - conduction, convention and hybrid.

In conduction vaporizers, direct heat is passed on to herb and vapor is created. The process is exactly how we cook food. On the other hand, in convection vaporizers, hot air is circulated through herbs, and the vapor is created.

Lastly, the hybrid vaporizers use the combination of both the methods to deliver rich and robust vapor. Most of the high end vaporizers use this type heating method.

You don’t exactly have to understand how a dry herb vaporizer works to use it. However, having the knowledge of how it works helps you appreciate and understand that it is over all a better option than smoking.