CBD and Its Effect on Inflammation

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Cannabinol (CBD) is a natural non-psychoactive biochemical compound. It has plethora of medicinal advantages and hence used to treat a number of health conditions. CBD is used mostly by medicinal practitioners for inflammatory purpose. CBD is jam packed with certain strong chemical compounds which targets the affected area to reduce pain.

CBD works in various pathways to reduce inflammation. You can get CBD over the counter. You can also get it at the CBD store. However, you need to buy it very carefully. You must get it from good brands to get best quality products.


Our body is made up of billion cells. CBD works in a way where it decreases the neuropathic pain and also at the site. Moreover, inflammation is closely related with the immune system. When we get hurt our immune system signals several disease fighting cells to go and fight off the inflammation.

However, this confuses our immune system and raises cytokine storm. This cytokine storm causes high inflammation of the particular damaged region.

Understanding two main kinds of Inflammation

Any type of inflammation has a deep-seated health concern which may be autoimmune diseases, traumatic injury and virus or bacterial infection.

Acute Inflammation and effects of CBD

Acute inflammation is commonly known as short term inflammation. This can last from one week to about six months. This can happen when we hurt ourselves in any type of accident. This goes away once the injury is healed. However, if acute inflammation is left untreated it can lead to chronic inflammation. The irritant if persists will cause life-long pain.

CBD works by inhibiting the production of COX enzymes and calming the nerves from the site of the pain. This in turn reduces the inflammatory message exchanges between the neurons. Hence, both the leukotrienes and prostaglandins are reduced much quickly.

Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is something which lasts longer for more than six months. When an inflammation lasts longer than it should be, it starts affecting the adjoining organs and can damage the system by pressing the condition too long over it.
Also, it can lead to osteoarthritis and other bone damage. This happens because even if the new tissue is formed still it has a damaging effect due to its inflammation. As a result, the body never recovers.

Using CBD oil for chronic inflammation

CBD is a potent bio chemical substance that has certain bioactive ingredients which stops the inflammation and activates the body’s natural healing process. It reduces the reduction of anandamide - an important regular for inflammation. It activates the vanilloid receptors of our lymphatic system.

Also, it slows down the cytokine storm and helps the immune system to work in a much better way. The most important thing is CBD initiates apoptosis, timely cell death. This means the new cells thus formed become less damaged. Over time, your inflammation will be under control and you can enjoy life without any pain.

How to take it for maximum benefits?

The best way to take CBD for reduction in Inflammation is that you take both the CBD oil for vaping or oral purpose and combine it with topical application. This will ensure fastest results that you can experience in no time.