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Baseball History as American History: Lost Stories of Influential Ballplayers

Kiersten McMahon, Austin Hawkins, Gabe Foltz, Hannah Young, Tyler Storm, Miranda Nelson, Authors

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Stone faced ridicule from her teammates, the public disapproval, and managers. A lot of men did not

accept Stone into the game and heckled her for being a woman. She was spiked during a game ones by

 a runner, but she recalls him being called out. Because she was a woman, Stone could not be in the

 locker room either. It is said that she had to change in the umpire's room. Because she was a woman,

 Stone was also asked to wear a skirt, but she refused as it was unconventional to play in. When other

 players made sexual advances toward Stone or did anything inappropriate, but she dealt with it. Stone

 recalled, "I never had no more problems because I hit him on the head running back to first!"One time

 to fend off the advances, Stone took a baseball bat to one man's head. During her playing time, Stone was

 discriminated by "whites because she was African American, and by her fellow players because she 

was a woman."

OTL - Toni Stone / Doug Fitzsimmons / Vimeo


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