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How to Write a University Term Paper

A term paper is a well-written research paper which is used to gauge and evaluate the student’s understanding of a course, with the objective of arguing a point or giving a report about an event. The paper has to be well researched, detailed, and properly structured to suit the course objectives. Below is the guideline on how to write a good term paper.

Select a Topic

You need to select a topic that is interesting and meets the course objectives. With an interesting topic, the research process would be easier.”,said Ben Hadfield, a writer of Essay Writing Service Canada.“Moreover, it is important to choose a topic that relates to your field of study to ensure a smooth flow of content and to avoid stagnation. You may choose your own topic unless the topic has been given by your instructor.When you are given the opportunity to select a topic on your own, it should be eye-catching and fascinating to attract the reader’s attention. Lastly, a more general topic should be avoided and it is also important to limit your scope and narrow down the topic to a more precise one”. When choosing a topic, you need to consider the following:

Write an Abstract

Experts from CustomEssayOrder say that the abstract gives the direction as to where the paper is headed. It describes the problem or the issue and why it was interesting for you to write about it. It gives a clear picture of what the paper is all about.


The introduction explains the statement of the problem, the literature review of the current findings on the solution, significance of the issue at hand, and how to solve it.


This part explains the methods used to research information and collect data, the relevance, and the reliability and validity of the instruments used to gather information.


Results are listed down to provide solutions to the problem and information on any barriers encountered while answering the research questions.


This section states the meaning of the observations made by the author, provides summary of the main ideas, interpretation of findings, conclusions about the topic to be drawn, and how the results can fit the broader context.
Tips for writing a term paper
  1. Choose a general area on which you wish to focus.
  2. Limit your scope into a more precise topic.
  3. Establish the objective of the paper.
  4. Conduct a literature review.
  5. Develop an outline of your paper.
  6. Write a rough draft.
  7. Proofread and write a final draft.

Common mistakes when writing a term paper