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How A Security Engineer Can Ensure Your Computer Network Is Safe From Hackers

Are you concerned about your computer network security? If that is the case, then you are in the right place. With hacking, malware, and significant information breaks at a record-breaking high, cyber security has turned into an undeniable issue for many companies, particularly those with a functioning web address. From released organization's data, individual data, and other delicate information, digital breaks can destroy a company name and reputation. For instance, take it an ecommerce perceptive; any information break can cause an enormous frenzy all around the organization and its clients.

For a moment, let us go back a few years ago, November 2014. There was much buzz concerning leaked emails concerning Sony Movie Pictures. The aftermath of the leaked information had an adverse effect not only on Sony Movie Pictures but on the celebrities and people mentioned in the emails. People are now more concern about their computer network security. Did you know that when you go online, you leave a digital footprint? With such a digital print, great data scrapper can easily access the data and sell it to third parties. So how does one ensure that his/ her computer network is protected? Here are some ways which a security engineer can ensure your computer network is secure.
  1. Installation of Firewalls in Your Computer Network
A firewall is a piece or set of programming or equipment intended to square unapproved access to PCs and systems. In exceptionally straightforward terms, a firewall is a progression of decisions that control approaching and mobile system traffic; PCs and policies that "observe the principles" are permitted into passageways and those that don't are kept from getting to your framework. 

Firewalls are turning out to be increasingly complex (directly alongside programmers), and the most recent are incorporated system security stages that comprise an assortment of approaches and encryption techniques, all working couples to forestall ruptures.
  1. Password Protection
The primary line of barrier in keeping up your computer network  is to have robust and complex passwords. Complex passwords are hard for programmers to discover. Utilize a secret phrase that is in any event eight characters long and incorporate a mix of numbers, letters that are both upper and lower case, and an extraordinary character. Programmers utilize specific instruments to break simple passwords in a couple of moments minutes. One late study indicated that a six-character secret phrase with all lower case letters could be broken in less than 6 minutes!
  1. Installation of  Anti-Virus and Spyware Software
A security engineer can help to install an Antivirus programming on your computer network. There are many free antiviruses programming accessible on the web. Aside from the infection, there is another programming that explicitly targets different dangers, including malware, spyware, and Trojans, among others that hinder the exhibition of your PC. 
Apart from an antivirus, security engineer can help in the installation of spyware software on your computer. Why? Spyware software does help to protect your computer network from prying eyes
  1. Selection of Websites
A security engineer can help in advancing which sites to enter. As you get to a site, see its site data. In many browsers, you can see it adjacent to the URL. Fundamentally, it will let you know whether the site is "Secure" or "Not Secure." However, even "Secure" sites are not 100% secure because they may utilize treats that will attack your computer network.

Always ensure that you utilize your judgment and be particular of the sites that you open. Open sites that are recognizable and are trusted. Abstain from opening pornography destinations, betting sites, promotion links, and so on as they are the most loved hosts of infections.


Keeping your computer network safe is vital. As it always ensure that none of your data goes reaches unwanted persons. Hopefully with the guide of your security engineer you can keep your computer network secure.