Why Laziness Can Be a Good Thing for Your Children

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If you are thinking about giving your children a sermon about the negative consequences of being lazy, think again. Their behavior might be justifiable and help you identify their points of concern. Maybe the next time your kids will look for an excuse not to get busy writing an essay for college, you should not be too demanding of them. As a parent, you need to understand that laziness does not always lead to the disappointing results or requires punishment. To help your children, you need to understand what stays behind this type of behavior. What can laziness be? 
An indication. Have you been giving your children a regular negative feedback in terms of their grades? Every bad grade they get is now a symbol of failure. The fear of failure can prevent your kids from doing the things they must. Laziness looks more acceptable than failure. Alternatively, your children can be not comfortable with being successful at studies. In this case, they will block the motivation to do homework on time. The reason for such behavior can be a low self-esteem. If you do not provide them with the sufficient amount of encouragement, laziness can become a logical outcome. When you get to the ultimate reason of laziness, you can change your own behavior and adapt to the needs of your children.   
A reasonable choice. We often perceive laziness as a lack of motivation and persistence to do something that's required. However, if we look at it fro the economic and psychological points of view, we might see that it's a conscious choice. Even though it might not be obvious, the absence of action can be more beneficial than doing something against your will. The economists believe that the reason for being lazy might be not enough incentives to motivate people to work hard. Kids will find another way of spending their time if they think it will bring them more benefits. From a psychological perspective, a brain might need some time to relax and send your children the 'lazy' signals.  In other words, they might be taking rational decisions without even realizing it.
A way to have more sleep. Sleeping for too long can lead to skipping a class or being late for an important meeting. How can one be so lazy, right? Frankly speaking, to get a plenty of sleep is a way to a healthy life. Especially if we are talking about teenagers. The less exhausted they are the better sleep they have. Moreover, sleep deprivation may lead to a worse performance. If make your kids study a lot at home and have fewer hours of sleep than their peers, do not get surprised if they get weaker results. Ideally, they need nine-plus hours of sleep but the busy studying schedules with the early classes do not let them do so.
Something that makes them more creative. Laziness can be that motivation that helps your children find creative solutions to problems. It awakens their imagination and leads to innovative ways of dealing with the upcoming issues. You've probably heard about the concept of out-of-box thinking. If there is a task you don't want to do, you will start looking for the alternative ways of coping with it. When your children don't feel any pressure and start perceiving any problem as a game they can win, they create something unexpected. Laziness lets their minds wander and look for the non-trivial solutions.   
A way to learn delegating. The best managers are those who are effective at delegating tasks. Your children can learn how to find the right person to do something they are not feeling like doing. When there is no a rigid algorithm of coping with a task, they will be able to discover their own method. It is a great way to get the idea of a negotiation process and prepare themselves for the adult world.