What Types of Services Do Professional Private Investigators Provide?

Private investigators offer a wide range of services to people who wish to find real information about others without involving the Police. For example, if you are looking for ways to get a legal separation, private investigators may help you find the right way to gather evidence for your ex-spouse unlawful activity. Checking the common areas of interest for private investigators would make it easier for the public to know and acknowledge their role.

Missing Persons

Missing adults and children are always reported to the local and federal police authorities. However, when the deadline for missing person identification expires, your only solution would be to hire a private investigator. Their job is to look for missing persons and conduct investigations where the Police would never consider going. It may cost you more to hire a competent private investigator, but it will certainly reduce the time and effort to find your beloved persons.

Internal Corporate Fraud

Many company owners who are suspicious of fraud from internal corporate executives could seek the assistance of a private investigator. This is because they are the only professionals able to run internal silent reviews of every corporate executive member and file a report to the owner. Usually, the reveal of an internal corporate fraud costs less than leaving the situation running. Investigators work fast to find evidence against employees who have abused their dominant position in the company to receive unlawful payments and benefits.

Child Custody and Abduction

In many separation cases, child custody could be at stake. Some parents could also risk and abduct their children before the family courts come to a verdict. Police may not be willing to deal with another child custody case, and that's where the real role of private investigators becomes apparent and necessary. Parents may order a private investigation to find their ex-spouse and their children. Also, they may prove the poor living conditions or any other illegal actions to bring strong evidence for their custody case at the courthouse.

Lie Detector Examinations

In many disputes between physical persons, testimonies are sometimes pre-defined. That is common in cases like bank robberies and frauds where an internal team of employees could have created a gang to rob the bank and insist on the same statements. A private investigator is a trained professional who conducts lie detector examinations and indicates who has constantly been lying about the case. Even though a lie detector examination couldn't be proof of guilt, it could be a shred of reliable evidence in the courthouse for the people who have been lying about the incidents.

Background Identity Checks

Finally, private investigators are well-trained to perform background identity checks on potential employees. They can search every person's background and identify any confidential information that makes them non-eligible for employment. 

The role of private investigators has been rapidly expanding over the last decades, as they are assisting the Police authorities to work without interfering with their communication channels.