What Type of Window Treatment Is the Best For Oddly Shaped Windows?

While they may look relatively insignificant, windows have a significant impact on how your house feels. They allow lots of energy to leave and enter your home. They can also significantly influence the climate of your home. Unfortunately, despite having the ability to add both refinement and drama to any room in the house, they sometimes come in odd shapes that are difficult to cover.

But, with a bit of creativity using blinds and shutters, you can find the right window treatment for your oddly shaped windows. Here are several options you can consider:


Shutters top the list of the type of window treatments you can use for oddly shaped windows. This type of window treatment is a perfect option because of several reasons. First, you can customize it to fit each window. And, with oddly shaped windows, it means you won’t have any overhang, gaps, or weirdly shaped covers.

Second, you have plenty of options. For example, there are shutters for small circle windows or arched windows; whatever the shape of your window, you are spoilt for choice. On top of that, you can get different color choices as well. And, once you have the shape, you can work your shutters to fit your home’s current style and d├ęcor with ease.


Adding curtains is not only a simple and great way to bring style and color into your home; they are also an excellent window treatment for your oddly shaped windows. All you need are decorative rods and curtains, and you can hang the curtains above your oddly shaped window. The curtain will draw over the whole window. You can also further enhance the window rather than cover it totally by draping the arch with a scarf while following the window’s shape. You can also add custom-made stationary drapery panels.

Roller Shades

Another ideal choice for oddly shaped windows is roller shades. Like shutters, roller shades are easy to customize. You can have them custom-made to fit any oddly shaped window. They also have a simple design and can easily streamline any window treatment look. And, depending on where your windows are located, roller shades make it easy to manage the amount of light in your home. Blinds can quickly gather dust in the house. But with roller shades, you can easily clean them. They also don’t collect dust like typical blinds.

Solar Shades

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient option for your window treatment look, then solar shades are an ideal choice. They are not only modern but also lavish. They also have an additional function beyond style, like blocking harmful rays from the sun. In addition, these shades help keep your home’s temperature cool and easy to use even during the summer.

Choosing a window treatment option for oddly shaped windows doesn’t have to be a challenging process. With the above options at your disposal, you can make the right decision. You can also talk to a professional for more ideas.