What Is the Alexander Method?

Actors and musicians need to invest and re-educate themselves to succeed. Using their body to impersonate their roles or play a music theme requires quite an effort. The Alexander Method is a series of actions that reduce stress from your body and relieve tension from your muscles. There are many fat actors to check out who have used the Alexander method to improve their performance. 

Alexander Method Analyzed

The Alexander Method is a sequence of movements followed by actors to re-educate their brains to perform more delicate muscle contractions. This method insists on the correlation between the position of the head and spinal cord. People influenced by this method believe that neck muscles are responsible for supporting their head, which should only use the spinal cord to balance. 

Many actors and professional singers have tried the Alexander Method throughout the years. It's a good way to know what to do when sitting or standing, improving your body posture, and having a premium performance on stage. The most impressive benefits of this method are analyzed here to give you a thorough idea of how it could serve you better. 

Offers Better Balance

The Alexander Method has as a primary target to teach you how to release pressure from your muscles. Tutors would be glad to reprogram your mind to efficiently perform all daily tasks without adding more fatigue to your muscle system. That's why it is famous among the actors, offering them a better balance when performing on stage. 

Gives a Higher Body Posture

People pay little attention to their body posture. However, the way you sit or stand is crucial to alleviate tension and make you look more attractive. Applying the Alexander Method techniques in your daily life makes you elevate your spinal cord by removing the curves in your torso and abdominal area. A higher body posture can offer you an attractive image and increase your public acceptance and popularity.

Improves Vocal Abilities

Singing is not a simple task, and every professional singer knows that it takes time to learn how to breathe when performing. The Alexander Method makes you ready to increase the depth of each breath simply by relaxing your respiratory muscles. People use only a fraction of their lung capacity when breathing. Applying the Alexander Method can train your body to take advantage of the excess air present in your lungs and efficiently divert it through your neck muscles to produce voice. The right timing between inhaling and exhaling and the proper neck muscle contraction offer you excellent vocal abilities.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Alleviating your muscle tension makes your blood vessels contract less. That explains why people who apply the Alexander Method techniques have lower blood pressure than others. Moreover, relaxing the diaphragm (a major respiratory muscle) sends messages to the autonomous nervous system to reduce blood pressure, which is an added value of this method.

The Alexander Method has become more of a lifestyle for actors and singers and not just a simple way to relax muscles and perform better.