Sadegh Vahedi

 Sadegh Vahedi (born May 27, 1991 in Tehran), with the stage name of SADEGH, is an Iranian Script Writer, Director, singer and songwriter who currently lives in Armenia. دانلود صادق
At the age of 13, Sadegh was forced to leave Iran and emigrate to Armenia due to his father's working conditions. His acquaintance with Hussein was formed in Armenia. Before this acquaintance, Sadegh was very interested in rap and even wrote poetry, but after his friendship with Hussein, he started working professionally in rap. Sadegh's first official release was released in January 2010 with Hossein as a pair of shoes. With their help, the two formed the Records Paper Company, and Sadegh released his full album, Good Morning Iran, under the label "Records Paper". Some time later, with the collaboration of Hossein, they released the short album Shaba, Radpa, Tanhayi. In 2012, Sadegh released two albums called "Someone in the Name of God and a Soldier of God", both of which featured guest singers such as Hossein, Soghand and Justina.
Sadegh has just released a new music album which is being released as a single tracks آهنگ جدید صادق
One of the newest tracks of Sadegh songs can be called: Ye serri too ye seri, Bi seda bi soorat and a whale in the nut of the same red fish.

Good morning Iran - 1390
Night, footprint, loneliness - 1390
Someone in the name of God - 2012
Soldier of God - 1391
Education - 1392
Wing - 1395

Soldier of God:
Soldier of God, the fourth studio album (short), February 2013. It is true that with the presence of singers such as Hossein, Soghand, Justina and Andish, it was broadcast for free from the Records paper label in February 2012. This album has 6 songs whose mix mastering was done by Records masters

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