Resetting Your Dishwasher

Your dishwasher is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. It saves you a lot of time by washing your dishes and helps you to keep things in order. However, if there is a problem with this appliance, you can already imagine the inconvenience you’ll face in the coming days. Buying a new dishwasher immediately may not be an option, especially if you are saving up and looking for How To Save Money When Selecting A Dishwasher. Before doing anything, you should try the recommended dishwasher reset.

There are many reasons why you may need a dishwasher reset. Simple issues like dirty door locks or bad button push may require you to reset your dishwasher. Before calling on your appliance repair technician, below is a guide on how to reset your dishwasher.

How to Reset Your Dishwasher

You can address some common dishwasher problems by resetting the appliance. Common problems like failure to start the washing cycle may be due to pressing down on the start button too many times. When the cycle fails to start, you will notice a blinking warning light and a warning beep that comes on at 15 to 30 seconds intervals. To reset your dishwasher, you should press and hold the start button for three seconds until the appliance beeps.

If your dishwasher fails to come alive after resetting, proceed to read the keypad button and owner’s manual to diagnose the problem. Usually, the owner’s manual will contain troubleshooting advice on a range of projected scenarios that the manufacturer envisaged. Follow the applicable and relevant instructions from the manufacturer as contained in the manual.

Common Reasons Why Your Dishwasher May Malfunction

Several reasons can cause your dishwasher to give warning lights or beeping sounds. In some cases, your dishwasher may fail to come alive. Below are some of the common culprits to whatever problem you are encountering.

Blown Fuse

One of the commonest causes of dishwasher malfunctions is a bad or damaged fuse. A blown fuse can cause your dishwasher to stop abruptly mid-cycle. When you notice this abrupt stop in operation, check to see whether the dishwasher is still connected to a power source. If yes, check the power display to see if it is still illuminated. If the power display isn’t illuminated, chances are, you are dealing with a blown fuse.

Door Latch Malfunction

If the display panel is still illuminated, but your dishwasher won't work, there are high chances that the door latch has a problem. Dishwashers are designed to halt operation when the door latch is open. This safety measure is to avoid accidents and water spillage. Look thoroughly at the door latch and make sure that it closes completely. If it doesn’t, call on your appliance repair technician.

Faulty Control Panel

The electronic panel on your dishwasher controls its activities. If there is a fault in any of the major parts of the control panel, your dishwasher may shut down. The best line of action here is to call on a technician to troubleshoot and address the problem. Working on the control panel without professional help may lead to more damage. You also risk the chance of electrical hazards.

Other common problems that can cause your dishwasher to stop include;