Measuring Your Office For New Furniture

If your company's office space is set up in a way that fosters creativity and productivity, it can significantly improve the success of your business. Opinions vary on how office space can impact the success of your business. There are also different schools of thought on how a company can establish its culture and identity through office space, but it's generally agreed upon that it requires a lot of time and money to get right, no matter what your goals are.

It’s All About Perception

According to HRM Daily News, the ideal office layout is geared toward the company's culture. Which begs the question, how do you measure and determine the type of furniture to buy for your office?

For example, if a company's culture is young and vibrant, a space that is open and has a lot of energy may be most effective. If you're trying to seem more established than you actually are, having a higher-end office space and furniture can go a long way in giving clients an impression of wealth and stability.

You might be thinking about how to decorate your space and what type of furniture will give you an edge on creativity, but there are also some other important factors that play into a physical design.

Decorating Your Office Space

When you think about the type of work that your company does, what kind of feelings come up? Are you loud and crazy, or orderly and professional? The decorating of your office space has so much to do with the mindset that gets put into place when you're at work. When you want to cultivate creativity and productivity in a space, you need to make sure it's decorated in the right way.

Surveying the Office Space

The first thing is surveying the room and measuring the height between all existing pieces of furniture. Your next option is researching different pieces of furniture from stores in your area or online that match those measurements.

This is a good way to get an idea of what size furniture will fit in your space. You'll also want to think about what you'd like your desk or chair height to be.

Get Accurate Measurements

Measure twice, cut once as the saying goes. A little extra time and care can certainly prevent you from having to do any more work in the future than you need to. Be sure to take precise measurements off of the space you have now, making sure they are accurate – not rounded up or down. Include any appliances or pieces that won’t be moving with you in these measurements as well. You’ll want to be sure the new space will fit your new furniture and equipment.

 Not every office needs the same kind of furniture. The type of business will determine which furniture is best for you and your staff. When you're ready to start filling out your office, though, you want to aim for some basics first: desks and chairs.