How long will it take to bring my case to a conclusion?

Cases related to personal injury are those that concern car accidents and other similar events. Usually, it takes up to two weeks to conclude the case. In some instances, it might take up to two years or more. The deciding factors are the case's complexity and peculiarities. If the case details are not too easy to comprehend, the longer it may take for a court to bring it to a conclusion. In some cases, the complexity and ambiguousness of available evidence might determine the expected duration of a case. Hence, if the evidence is as clear as day and straightforward, expect a rapid conclusion.

Some people do ask: should I hire a personal injury lawyer? This answer is that you should. Apart from the time-saving benefit it brings, it also ensures that you get the best out of the case. Having a personal attorney will speed up the process most times as they know the whole process's nitty-gritty. They know the tactics to escape time-wasting procedures and hearings. They are also aware that a short case is not always the best and helps you determine the best duration for your situation.

Apart from the case's elements, the time difference between various cases can also be determined by the liability. If the responsible party is a big firm or industry, settling the claim might take longer due to different paperwork and bureaucracy. The jury might demand more time to examine the available evidence and pin the fault on a specific party. Your attorney will be required to ask lots of questions and meet several witnesses. This might also take variable time depending on the case's size. 

What usually happens in cases like this is that a party must have breached a duty, leading to an assault or injury. The role of the attorney is to establish that one of the parties is responsible for the assault. This is not always straightforward and simple. The attorney must also prove the damage extent and determine a befitting compensation. Arriving at these conclusions requires days of questioning, consulting forensic professionals for tricky evidence, and examining witness statements.

The case type also determines the length of the hearing in some instances. The time it will take to resolve an injury from premises liability is different from an automobile accident. In some cases, the medical attention that the defendant needs might delay the process as they are a core determinant in the case. Sometimes, industrial accidents might require the presence of an expert to explain some technicalities. Getting one to the hearing might take more time than you expect. 

In essence, the more elements a case has, the longer it will take to get to a reasonable conclusion. Insurance firms might need to wait a while to determine the best course of action. The same applies to big firms that have a specific law group attending to them. Also, when the case involves more people, expect more unforeseen delays.