How Long Does a Typical Cleaning Service Take?

Hiring a home maintenance service translates to having strangers in your personal space. So, it’s only natural for you to wonder how long the cleaners will be in your home. However, there’s no straight answer to this question. Each home is unique, and there’s a range of factors that impact cleaning time. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Factors Determine How Long the Cleaners Stay in Your Home?

The size of your home plays a significant role in how long the cleaners take to get the job done. For example, a three-bedroom and two bath house will take considerably less time to clean than a five-bedroom, three-bath home. A typical bathroom takes anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes to clean, and the average-size bedroom can take 15 to 30 minutes.

Besides size, the price might depend on how messy the house looks, the type of cleaning you want, and the frequency of the cleaning. So, you have to keep this in mind when reading the rest of this article.

How Long Does It Take to Clean a Kitchen?

The kitchen often gets the most attention in any cleaning exercise. And it usually takes an hour to knock it off the list. But it can also take less time if you regularly clean the stove and countertops after every meal. Doing this will not only maintain the hygiene needed for your kitchen, but it might also reduce the money you spend on cleaning. 

How Long Does It Take to Clean a Bathroom?

A bathroom can get really dirty in just a week. And it’s easy to see why. All the dirty business goes down in these rooms, and there are plenty of places for dirt and germs to hide. That’s why most professional cleaners take 30 to 45 minutes to clean one bathroom. Now multiply that to the number of toilets you have in the house to see how much time the cleaner will need.

How Long Does It Take to Clean a Bedroom?

Bedrooms can take anywhere between 15 minutes and 1 hour to clean. This time depends on how big the bedroom is and the level of mess you’re looking at. For example, a teenager’s bedroom might have more things to arrange and take even longer to clean, while a toddler’s room is mostly rearranging the toys. A master bedroom can take 45 minutes or more to clean because they are bigger and sometimes have a walk-in closet and separate bath. 

How Long Does It Take to Clean the Entire House?

Expect the cleaning team to spend anywhere between 1 and 6 hours in our home. That depends on how many cleaners are working on the house, their equipment, and their work policy.

For example, some cleaning companies give more preference to quantity over quality. They want their cleaners to rush through each project so they can meet a daily target. The result is a half-baked job that still costs the same as a decent one.