How Do I Stop an Automatic Suspension of My License After An Arrest?

If your driver’s license is suspended, the suspension will begin 60 days after you’ve been arrested. This means it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been convicted or not. But to avoid this scenario from occurring, you will appeal for an administrative trial 20 days after you’ve been detained. When you find yourself dealing with a DUI charge, you should reach out to a lawyer for DUI charges in Seattle

During the trial, you could present your case in court and stop the automatic suspension. Before you do so, here is what you need to know about DUI cases and license suspensions. 

Understanding DUIs and Why Your License is Suspended

The manner and time your license got suspended will be based on the rules and regulations in the state you reside in. Even though several states will allow the automatic suspension after being arrested for DUI, some states will not do the same. Some states will wait until you’re charged a second or third time. 

Other states will not suspend your license for DUI but will issue the suspension based on how you behave during the process. For instance, if you don’t cooperate in field tests or take mandatory breath tests, your license will be suspended because of the rejection instead of DUI. 

Also, if your driver’s license is suspended, several states will issue another suspension should you be convicted because of the DUI charges. During the initial arrest, you will not be credited for it. Many states will make license suspensions automatic after you’ve been arrested or convicted. Even if the judge is compassionate, you may have to deal with the license suspension. 

How to Get Your License Reinstated After SuspensionBottom of Form

If your license is suspended because of DUI charges, you might get the chance to enjoy driving again. It would be best if you petitioned the court in a different civil case to offer you an occupational driver’s license. Essentially, you will be asking the court to let you drive while your claim is still undecided. For instance, if you work from 9 am to 3 pm, the court will let you enjoy driving privileges for a specific duration before and after work so that you can keep your job. 

Other situations might help you be eligible. The common ones include:

The process will start by filing a petition and paying a specific fee to the court’s clerk. It would be best if you kept in mind that filing the petition alone will not make things better for you. You should ask for a hearing and offer the prosecutor details of the trial. During the trial, you need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you need to be given the occupational or hardship license. This includes showing that you have kids who need you, are employed, or any other situation that requires you to drive regularly. 

Get Legal Representation

When you get your driver’s license suspended after being arrested, you need to get in touch with a DUI lawyer to understand your options. Always remember that a judge might enforce bond conditions that will stop you from driving. This is not the same as getting your license suspended.