Can You Depart Your State or Country When on a Bond?

Getting your bail probably involves many discussions that started with the court said what? Helping you find bail becomes the immediate next step. The court then releases you on a bail bond, and you are now back home, attending to your regular duties while waiting for your trial. But, you are wondering whether it is legal to exit your state or the country while still on bond.

For a better and extensive answer to this question, you need to understand the court’s terms on your bail conditions. A court of law grants you a bail bond under some requirements that you must meet. Of key is assuring the court that you will be residing in your present-day residence for the period that you will be facing trial.

This guarantee is to ensure that you do not become a flight risk during that duration. Under such orders, you will need to have the court’s permission granted to you before you exit the state or the country. Further, we’ll break this into two parts- out-of-state travel on bond and international travel on bond.

Supposing you are out on bail, the chances are that you have limitations imposed on your movement outside of your state to another, as long as you never discussed a pre-planned trip during your bail hearing with the judge.

Therefore, you must seek permission from the judge presiding over your case at that time before you leave your state. The justice system will then listen to your request and decide on it based on the graveness of the crime that you committed.

If you are granted permission by the courts to leave the state, you must check your agreement with the bail bondsman to avoid any further lawsuits as it may be different from the judge’s decision. 

Another option would be to have your bail bond agent seek permission in cases where traveling is allowed. After that, you may be free to exit when those conditions are met.

Before issuing bail to you as a defendant, the authorities may require you not to leave the country most of the time. In some cases, they will want to hold your passport. As long as travel restrictions are in place for you, it’s imperative to discuss your need for travel with your lawyer. The lawyer can then lay out the details of the trip to a judge.

Unlike out-of-state travel, you won’t quickly get permission to travel internationally on bond because of reasons such as your likelihood to miss a court date that may be as a result of delayed flights, among other reasons.

But in case the judge accepts your plea to exit your state or the nation, the courts may set restrictions upon it. Such parameters may include the duration of time that you may be out of the country or the state, as well as the limitations of your travel locations to one country or one state. Thus, you should honor your bail conditions for it to influence your hearing in a good way.