AKBS Milan Krajnc Innvovation Venture Lab

As a psychotherapist, prof. Milan Krajnc deals with people and the reasons why people cannot succeed despite having their full potential. Although he has found causes that reach deep into the beginnings of individuals' lives, he has strived to find appropriate solutions as well.

His knowledge consists of a rich educational background and life experiences. Among other things, he studied physics and did research in chemistry, metallurgy and botany. So he found the solution in nature! We are part of nature and the only solution is to be found there, because nature has been working perfectly for billions of years.

He researched the workings of natural processes and realized that the same process happens in nature whenever a certain matter changes its energy, form or composition. From a human perspective, we could say that we are making progress, that we have made a quantum leap. He realized that this was a completely unexplored field and as a scientist he founded a new scientific discipline called Dynamilogy.

Dynamilogy is the active study of "living" processes and phenomena related to man and nature! It is a kind of decoding of the secrets of nature. Because when we look at nature, we see that everything is simple, that everything works by itself. And we often say to ourselves how beautiful it would be if this were also the case in our lives.

Let us look at the example of a diamond. A diamond is made of carbon. But graphite is also made of carbon. The difference between them is only the arrangement of the atoms. Now if we apply that to our economy, how much graphite do we have to sell to get the same value as when we sell a diamond?

So the whole secret is just in the right order. The code of nature is the right order. If we start comparing a business process or a process in personal life with natural processes, we will quickly find out where we are making a mistake. In this way, we will also quickly find a formula for success. We just need to put the process in our personal or business life in the right order.

The goal of momentum is to put people before business and reverse the current chaos in the world.

This is the reason why Prof. Krajnc started to develop products and therapies that free people from their past and allow them to decide freely about their lives.

So, with the help of psychoanalysis and medical tests, he first traced his congestion and made it a program to bring his life back to the position he was born with. You could say that ddr. Krajnc is repairing lives. However, since he can not devote himself to each individual, he began to develop products that increase the quality of life by stimulating certain stimulants in people through their senses, which then become stronger in the psycho-physical body. "Forced" in early childhood, we overcome certain frequencies that break the code set for our lives.

That's right:

Prof. Krajnc states that things are very simple. Therefore, in the field of business, he has used dynamiology to develop a new business methodology for running a company. Therefore, he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2021 for the Dynamic Leadership Model.

However, as more and more influential people and institutions noticed the very positive impact of his work, he proposed 2022:

Prof. Kranjc has devoted 25 years to the work of a teacher, researcher, writer and psychotherapist.

The goal of his laboratory is to create solutions that will naturally make our lives easier. And that one day people will come back to life.