4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Thesis Writing Services

Academic research is a very cumbersome process that involves a lot of research, interviews, writing, recording audio, and processing of data. When one has recorded audio messages, he still needs to transcribe them into a form that can be used in the thesis. This saves a lot of time while at the same time, allowing the researcher to work on qualitative research. Writing a thesis follows a specific plan that requires data from different sources to be well organized, transcribed, and presented.

it is also important to note that writing a research paper is not easy as it requires good writing skills, statistics, proper research, and analytical skills to come up with a good presentation. Although this process can appear scary at first, being organized can make the process simple. In most cases, you will be given the thesis as individual work. However, there are other times when you will be put into a group to help you complete the thesis.

However, some people do not want to go through the whole of this process as it may seem arduous and tiring. As a result, the students just go online to look for a thesis writing service. Unfortunately, such a service may not always present you with the document that you need. This is because you will find that the thesis you received is not in the format that you were hoping for, is plagiarized, or does not cover the topic conclusively. In addition, you may be highly overcharged for the paper.

Below, we will look at some of the reasons why you should avoid thesis writing services. Instead, you can just handle the project yourself and achieve the main objects of the paper.

You will have problems presenting the paper

Although giving out the paper to another person may save you time and energy, it is important to note that you bear the biggest responsibility for the thesis. When paying for the thesis, you will be tempted to leave the whole burden on the writer’s shoulders. However, time will catch up with you as it will be very hard for you to present someone else’s ideas as your own. Normally graduate students are required to defend their thesis in front of a panel. If you try to make the presentation, you will not only find it hard but also be haunted by your conscience.

Hiring a thesis writer is illegal

In most colleges and universities around the world, it is illegal to hire a dissertation writer. Similarly, there are some states where it is illegal to operate a thesis writing nosiness. As a result, you have to keep this process a secret so that you are not found out by your classmates, professor, and the authorities. However, many dissertation writing services do not have a privacy policy and when someone wants to prove that you used the service, they can easily get the evidence. We can compare this with marijuana. Although taking the substance is illegal in most places, people still engage in the vice. However, they have to hide so that they are not caught publicly taking marijuana. That is the experience you will have when hiring a dissertation writer.

Finding a perfect writer is not easy

Many students looking for a dissertation writer find that it is very hard to identify the right writer for the job.  Different writers have different specializations and backgrounds and if you are taking a rare course, it will take a lot of time before finding a suitable writer.  And given that you have a deadline when you are supposed to have completed the thesis, the search for a perfect writer can eat into your time.  

Can be overcharged for the service

Another reason to avoid thesis writing services is that you can get overcharged for the service. Although dissertation writing services are generally costly, some thesis writing companies exploit desperate students. First, the student is asked to pay a specific amount of money for the entire dissertation but at some point in the project, they are told that their thesis requires more research and citations which will come at an additional cost. Since the students do not have time on their side and have already invested a lot in the project, they are forced to add the amount. This can cause one to spend more money than necessary.  


The above are reasons why you should avoid thesis writing service at all costs. even after you hire a thesis writer to work on your project, you still have to learn all the details of the project, memorize pages, go through the dissertation, review the content and practice a lot to defend it effectively. This can be a hard thing to do when you did not write the paper yourself. Instead of all this, you are better off avoiding thesis writing services and instead, writing it yourself.