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Moiz Raza, Author

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Why Pest Control Is Far better Get rid of the Destructive Nature of Termite Colonies

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Termites are little creatures which are generally found
infesting buildings and homes, creating major headaches for homeowners. They
feed on timber structures like trees, telephone poles, buildings, homes, and
almost anything manufactured from wood.

The same as human society, a colony of termites has multiple
social classes, each with a certain task to perform. The classes rely on one
another in order for your colony to survive. The various classes range from the
royal family (king and queen), the soldiers, the workers, and the winged

Soldier On, Young Termite

Homeowners who suspect termites should be looking for the
soldiers. Since the soldiers come in good sized quantities, a homeowner is most
likely to see them first. The soldiers'only purpose is to protect the colony
from intruders pestsmartcontrol. If their
habitat is disturbed, the soldiers leave the nest first and guard the nest's

A soldier's head is fat and dark with strong mandibles that
are used to bite a predator that threatens the colony. The soldiers in a few
species are 2 times how big the workers, and noxious chemicals are often
sprayed from the snout on the leading of their head.

The Queen and Her Workers

The queen termite has got the responsibility of helping her
colony grow. She can typically lay over 2,000 eggs each day and can live up to
25 years. That's lots of damage waiting to be done. Pest control is targeted at
eliminating the queen along with her colony.

The worker termites build the nest and repair it when
necessary. They are the people to blame as it pertains to injury to a home or
building. They spend their lifetime within the nest chewing and eating over and
over, as though the house is an all-you-can-eat buffet. The workers are
identified by a translucent, creamy color with a smooth body.

The Dependence on Pest Control

Since the queen has the capacity to lay countless eggs
during her lifetime, homeowners who suspect any type of termite problem should
seek to rectify the problem the moment possible to prevent further reproduction
by the queen. Termites could cause more injury to homes than storms and fires
combined, but homeowner insurance policies don't cover this type of
destruction. It's better to consult having an experienced pest control service
that may give you the homeowner with an examination, determine the damage, and
discuss the options associated with eliminating this big and potentially
expensive problem once and for all.

It's also required to call in professionals if homeowners suspect
they've infestations anywhere on the property, even if the termites are not yet
within the home. When homeowners are able to act quickly, they increase their
likelihood of avoiding any more damage with their property and might prevent
injury to the home. Unfortunately, most homeowners don't catch this dilemma
until significant damage had been done.

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