Ancestral Futures: Speculative Imaginings from the Archive



What stories can we find in the archives about Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC)? Whose stories are missing, and what new creations can these archives (or the gaps in them) inspire?

In Fall 2023, UCR Special Collections & University Archives hosted a Call for Submissions for the inaugural issue of Ancestral Futures, an arts & literary magazine combining creative practice with archives. The call invited everyone, including members of the general public, artists, writers, poets, and creatives, to visit the archives and speculate how these materials can be reimagined, and metaphorically remixed, to tell new stories. Submissions were asked to draw from Afrofuturism, Latinx/Chicanx Futurisms, Indigenous Futurisms, Asian Futurity, and related fields to explore how the intersection of art and archives can inspire new ideas, interpretations, and engagement with the past.

Ancestral Futures was always envisioned as a print publication with a digital counterpart. There is power in print (and nothing quite like seeing your work become tangible on paper), but there is also power in the flexibility and visibility that comes with digital space. Our ultimate goal is that everyone be able to access and share Ancestral Futures. Therefore, in the spirit of zine culture, we have provided a PDF copy of Ancestral Futures for free download (see "Download this Zine").

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