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Do You Believe In Demons, Ghosts and The Darkness Of The Afterlife

World Renowned Evidential Medium, Spiritual Author and Founder of the Global Charity ASSMPI has released “Deadly Departed - The Do’s Dont’s and Dangers of Afterlife Communication,” which has been dubbed a spiritual classic by colleagues and revered professionals in the medical field. Mediums have also commented that is one of the best mediumship books available in the modern day.

Many professional mediums have taken the book on as thier bible and go to compendium to help with their mediumship development and to learn how to deepen thier connection with spirit. Paranormal teams and paranormal investigators are using the book as a unique reference guide to help them with their understanding of the afterlife. The book has been featured in Paranormal News, New Dawn magazine, parapsychology papers and been published globally as a detailed research book.

This book is unusual and examines the realities of mediumship and it’s dangers as well as the applications within a mental health environment such as the reality of mediumship psychosis. The book has already gained accolades from professionals in the scientific community;

 '"'Though Jock and I approach our subject matter from very differing spiritual perspectives, I can recognize the breadth of his experience and knowledge. I especially give him credit for his willingness not to deny the "darkside" of the realm of spiritualism and mediumship. Given his personal journey he is unusually well aware of the role of less benign spiritual elements in the world of the various phenomena he explores."

--Richard E. Gallagher, M.D.
Professor of Psychiatry

''For anyone who needs to understand what has happened to them. to a hospitalized patient or a family' member who has experienced mediumistic psychosis.This book is a must-read."

Dr. Terence Palmer. PhD
Author of The Science of Spirit Possession

Jock Brocas is available for Interviews and media engagements through his website and if you are looking for a reputable medium or certified medium, you can find them an afterlife connect.