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Gmail Sign Up – Gmail mail create account –

Gmail is the most popular and secure email service provider nowadays. That is the reason why more and more users flock to this service. This comprehensive Gmail sign up guide will help you find out how to create your own account with Gmail within minutes. Enjoy!

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How to Sign Up for Gmail

Actually, the entire Gmail sign up process takes only a couple of minutes. This means that you will become a proud owner of a Gmail account in a couple of minutes! Keep in mind, however, that you need to provide your phone number in either case (it shouldn’t be necessarily linked to your account, though).


How to Link Mobile Phone to Your Account

Linking your phone number to your email address will actually help you to improve the security of your account. It will also help you if you accidentally lose access to your account, as you will be able to recover it then. Follow the guidelines and link your mobile phone number to your Gmail account.


How to Link a Secondary Email Address to Your Account

Instead of linking your mobile phone number (if you are worried about your privacy, for example), you can link it to another email address. This will allow you to recover your Gmail account in case if something will go wrong.


Gmail Sign Up Problems

There are certain problems you may encounter when trying to complete the process of Gmail sign up. At this point of our article, we will describe the most common problems and solutions to them.

Google doesn’t allow me to create a new account. It is very likely that you don’t specify your phone number. While it had been possible to create a new Google account without providing a phone number before, nowadays you need to verify that you are a real person with your phone number. However, you don’t need to link your phone number to your account. But there is no way you can avoid providing it.

I want to create a Gmail account for my child. There is only one way how your child can use Gmail/Google: he/she must be 13 years old or older. If your child is younger, the policy of Google prohibits him/her to use the services of Google. You can, of course, cheat the service by specifying a wrong birthdate, but we don’t recommend you to do so.


How to Add a Signature

Another thing you can do after completing the Gmail sign up process is adding a signature to your account. That signature will be displayed to everyone whom you will send email letters.


Questions and Answers

Q: Should I necessarily link my Gmail account to another email address or phone number?

No, Google allows you to leave it completely unsecured. However, we highly recommend you to have at least one recovery method available. Otherwise, you risk losing your Gmail account.

Q: How can I sign up for Gmail without signing up for other services of Google?

Unfortunately, there is no way how you can do it. All the services of Google are linked between each other, and your account can be used for other Google services as well (such as YouTube, Google Photos, Google Drive, etc.). Moreover, available storage is shared between all these services.

Q: Can I create a second account with Gmail?

Yes, there is no strict prohibition for users to have two or more accounts with Gmail. Moreover, you can link both accounts to the same phone number or reserve email address.