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136C Final

Dylan Coughran, Author

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Benefits of Facebook in The Business World

Facebook is a free online communication platform that displays user’s information, trends, and habits to the general public. "Information has become wealth to be extracted and accumulated” (Tiqqun 19). free information given away by each user is valuable and attracts major businesses constantly. Usually businesses have to pay for people’s opinions on products and services, but by using Facebook to keep track of ongoing consumer trends there is no need to do this. Businesses may have to buy advertising slots on the website in order to gain this free information, but compared to the money they used to spend on focus groups, it is practically free. Businesses can benefit greatly on user’s information and do so without the users knowing. Businesses are able to gain information because of the openness of information that is available on the website. Businesses can track what companies users follow, how users react to these companies through comments and “likes”, and how users communicate about companies with friends and family. Ultimately giving businesses the perfect focus group. Being able to track down information that shows individual interests and group interests at the same time.

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