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You can use this utility to:
  • Generate API queries for any public Scalar book
  • Grab an excerpt to copy from one book to another using the Import/Export tab in the Scalar Dashboard
  • Get word counts for specific pages, groups of pages, or entire books
To get started, just answer the questions below.


Copy and paste any URL from your book here.

Note that the book's "Make URL public" property (found in the Sharing tab of the Dashboard) must be set to "Yes" in order for it to be accessed by this tool.

OK, what content are you looking for in this book?

  • The specific content at the URL above
  • All content of this type:
  • General information about the book
  • All of the book's content and relationships (potentially slow, use with care)

Do you want past versions of this content, or just the current version?

Include past versions (slower)

Do you want to include any related content?

Return related content with up to degree(s) of separation

Linked through this type of relationship:

Also include media linked from within pages

How many results do you want returned?

  • All results
  • Return results, starting at index

What format should be used to deliver the results?

Use RDF-JSON if you're planning to paste the results into the Import/Export tab of the Scalar Dashboard.

API Call

To retrieve the content you described above, use this URL:

To see the results of this call as raw data and text (including a word count), click the button below and then scroll down:



Approximate word count:

(To verify accuracy of word count, scroll through the text below to confirm that it does not include extraneous code or markup. Titles are not included in word count.)