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The Walter White Project

Randy Stakeman, Jackson Stakeman, Authors

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Walter White Biography

Walter White (1893-1955) worked for the NAACP for almost 30 years and led it for 17 years. He helped the NAACP grow from a few white liberals and African American activists into a major organization with branches and members in most of the United States.

Under his tenure the Association became the bogey man to every white segregationist, taken legal cases seeking African American rights all the way to the Supreme Court, become a player in politics on the federal level, influenced Hollywood's portrayals of African Americans, aided and cultivated African American writers and artists and even influenced U.S.foreign policy. At his funeral the president, the governor of New York, senators, newspapers and countless private citizens both black and white paid homage. Yet today he is almost unknown. He is a figure both essential and yet liminal.

This web site uses his own voice, narration that quotes documents written by and about him, archival and Hollywood film footage and stills that will show him as the wheeler dealer that he was.

Much like a great politician he was attracted to power, used personal relationships to get what he wanted, and knew his milieu as well as a farmer knows his back forty acres. He began as an outsider and ended his life as the consummate insider who could count Eleanor Roosevelt and Harry Truman among his friends. His life touched so many people and issues that it is a rich source of the African American history of the first half of the 20th century. Come explore African American history through the story of Walter White.

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