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Communicable Disease: Towards a Political Ontology of the Computer Virus

Jason Lipshin, Author
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Directions for Navigation

"Communicable Disease" is a project that is both about networks and constructed through them. The following are a few quick tips for how one might navigate through the complexity.

1)   The project contains three main sections or nodal "points":

o   Introductory Point

o   Point 1 ("The Subject and the Swarm - On Complexity and Control in Digital Networks")

o   Point 2 ("Copy Machines - On Materiality and Exposure in Media Studies and Biology")

2)  Each of these sections is constructed as a linear path and contains within it a multiplicity of pages, media, citations, and tags. The introduction comes first, followed by a central hub - the page "Two Points, Two Paths" - which provides access to the two body sections.

3) While this simple, branching mode of navigation is fairly linear, the beginning of each body section also features a page which offers a more non-linear interface to the information. As a kind of "networked" remediation of the traditional book's index, these opening pages visualize the connections between various themes and authors that appear in the thesis, traversing across the various sections and manifesting the "edges" between the "points" in the writing space.

4)  If you want to go back to this network index after seeing it the first time, you can click on the button at the bottom middle of the screen (i.e. ). On this page, in addition to the index, you will also find a sequential list of pages within the path for further orientation.

5)   Should you ever find yourself lost within the writing space, click on the home icon ( , the first button in the panel in the upper left hand corner of the screen) to bring yourself back to this page. You can also click on the chapter headings underneath the home icon to go back to the start of a specific path.

6)   To go from one page to the next within a path, click on the    button at the bottom right of the screen.

7)    To move backward within a path, click on the  button at the bottom left of the screen.

8) Please make sure you have both Java applets and Quicktime video enabled on your browser.

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